Sunday, October 21, 2018

What is Black, Blue and Titanium?


That's a big bruise on my left wrist.

Instead of going right, I went wrong.

Gosh I hope I didn't dent the interior (the titanium implant.)

Maybe I could knock it straight again with a rubber hammer?

I hope a screw isn't loose.

How do you tighten up those titanium screws anyhow?

Inquiring minds want to know.

The other guy looks even worse.

Just kidding!

I was trying to fix my cabinet and my hand slipped and BANG.

When I get to heaven will they issue me an updated body?

This one is falling apart and rapidly becoming outdated.

Life is goof.


Today's wisdom:

 If you’re being chased by a pack of taxidermists, do not play dead.

 Thinking globally:

The reason pandas are so popular is diversity – they’re black, white and Asian.

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Beautiful to be Alive

The dog and I are alive. It's a beautiful day.

Not sure how often I will get to keep posting here.

Daily life has become a huge struggle for both me and my dog. But I am trying to smile, be happy, pray for a miracle and do as much as I possibly can each day to make things easier, happier and... accept the things I can not change. 

Maybe that's the hardest part for me. Acceptance of the things I can not change (I seem to try anyhow!)

Another mountain of a chore is to remind myself over and over again how lucky I am to have this beautiful day on planet earth and to be grateful for all my blessings.

To all the wonderful angels on earth and in heaven, I am deep in your debt and very grateful. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

To the few devils who went out of their way to try to make my life a living hell, you did not succeed.

I'm alive, I'm happy, I'm thankful for this day.


If you're reading this then you woke up alive and that's a really great way to start the day.

 I am  very much just like this tree.

Still thriving in spite of past maladies.

For some strange reason, I see beauty in the odd blue streak.

Half the tree is dead, the other half is reaching for the clouds in glorious hues of green.

The unique blue streak is stubborn determination.

THANK YOU for plopping by today.

Life is goof.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Thrill of the Grill

From 90 effing degrees of hot humid weather to a cool 60F degrees.
Amazing how quick the weather changed for us overnight.

Sometimes a freebie ends up at my place.This grill with full propane tanks was offered to me for free when the heirs were cleaning out my neighbor's property.  I took it along with a bunch of dead plants because I wanted the pots to use. Magically many of the plants revived when I least expected it. I've posted pics of those in the past few months.

The grill sat covered up unused. Meat is so pricey, I mostly rely on dried beans for protein nourishment. Seems silly to try to cook dried beans on a grill. But who knows, maybe one day I would roast up some fresh veggies or something.

One day recently another RV neighbor said he had been on a special diet to lower his cholesterol. In his freezer were four pork chops that were taunting him every time he opened it up. So he decided that the day after his next blood test, he would cook the pork chops and savor them. He had been eating a mountain of oatmeal and beans in an effort to lower his cholesterol and avoid the drugs the doctor was pushing. He mentioned it was a shame his other neighbor with a grill had moved away because he used to cook on his neighbor's grill and share food with him.

As a joke, I said "Well I have a grill, beans and taters,  come on over and let's celebrate!"

On the appointed day he showed up and we fired up the gifted grill, cleaned the rack, spread some oil on it then he cooked the pork chops. The flame is a bit chaotic, but I guess that is what you call flame broiled!

Amazingly the chops were tender and delicious. Melt in your mouth.
He had two pork chops, I had one and doggy had some too. Yum.

Life is goof.

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