Sunday, October 15, 2017

Mercy Murse

Yesterday I had to pedal my bicycle to the store for an emergency purchase. I grabbed a tiny utilitarian bag, that has multiple pockets, stuck two folded twenties in it and headed for the store. That same little bag is often used for dog walking because most of my clothes  have no pockets for poop bags or house key.

In the store, my purchase came to $20.38

I unzipped the bag shaking it upside down on the counter to see if any spare change fell out. What tumbled out of my bag was the two folded twenties and a dog treat which bounced over the glass covered counter landing neatly right in front of the cashier. 

Embarrassed I said "Oh, I'm sorry I seem to have no change, but I do have a very nice dog treat!"

She laughed but I guess it wasn't funny enough for 38 cents.

Counting my change out loud she rambled "Ten, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen dollars and twenty-five, fifty, sixty, sixty-one, sixty-two cents plus one dog treat!" She tossed it on top of the change, handing it all to me with a smile and a  "Thank you for shopping."

Today's TRIVIA:
Technically my tiny bag made of canvas is called a MOLLE which is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment.
It is also known as an EDC which is Every Day Carry.
It doubles as a good MURSE (Male-Purse or Man-Purse).

If you are stumped for a gift for the love of your life who seemingly has everything, try getting them a MOLLE. 

Some come with an HC built in  otherwise known as a place to stash your water bottle (Hydration Carrier).

Friday, October 13, 2017


I am busy dealing with another semi-emergency when I opened my computer for a few minutes and saw this weather report.


It looks like a cowboy boot kicking the islands or an ankle bootie taking aim at the southeast.

Now I am dead tired, but pushing myself to get my rig ready to run again. When it comes to hurricanes I might have PTSD.

I've been displaced from  hurricanes in 4 different countries. My life is tale of many start overs. Maybe it's why I have so few possessions now. Yet I feel so rich because I woke up alive in this old wheel estate which is fighting me for my wallet and sanity.

Lately we've had the attack of fire ants, vicious fleas, mosquitoes and  black bugs.

Oh did I tell you the straps on my poop tank broke loose? Sheesh. It almost left the rig while I was bouncing down the highway.

Never a dull moment.

Seeing this mess head for the Leeward Islands  tears me apart. My friends there are suffering mightily as it is from both hurricane Irma and Maria. I am sure many are freaking out every time the wind picks up.

Today the wind was blustery here. I found myself a wee bit nervous. It took me back down memory lane to other hurricanes in far flung ports.  More on that later.

Life is goof.