Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Squeeze For Service

I frequent the Dollar General store because I like to use their $5 coupon that pops up once or twice a month. Spend $25 and get $5 off. I can get the digital coupon on their website transferred to my phone number. At checkout, I just enter my phone number and the $5 is taken off my bill.

Dollar General sells food and household items, so it's a great way to enjoy savings on everyday provisions.

Most Dollar General's I've been to keep their staff super busy stocking shelves and running back and forth to the checkout.

Recently I gave a friend my paper $5 coupon and downloaded a digital one for myself. She gave me a ride to the store and we both enjoyed a $5 discount on our purchases. Usually I ride my bicycle to the store, so it was fun to have a ride in a car for a change.

I sped through and checked out before my friend. I hate to make people wait when I am a guest in their car. I was hanging around the front of the store with my bagged up goodies waiting on her to show up. When she did arrive, she was dismayed there was no cashier around.

But I had already seen the squeaky dog toy that had a sign taped to it "Squeeze for cashier". So I grabbed the squeaky toy and while we were both laughing, the clerk came running to check her out .

More stores should use this squeak for service method!

Monday, November 20, 2017

Two Wheel Errands

My bicycle has become a real workhorse.

This morning I loaded up doggy and a package to go mail. Then we came back home, strapped a vertical laundry basket on the back of the bicycle then rode to the laundry-mat. There we started two loads of laundry.

Pedaled back home to pick up garbage to take to the dump. Unloaded doggy at the dump to walk around so he could stretch his legs.

Pumped our way up to the office where Amazon packages were waiting for us. Took those home then pedaled back to the laundry to transfer washer loads to the dryer. Pedaled back home.

Unpacked the amazon boxes,  flattened those to ride to the recycle area and drop them off. Rode to the rec hall to sign up for Thanksgiving pot luck meal. Checked the mail box. Pedaled over to the laundry to empty the dryer then load it on the back of the bicycle in its tall basket.

Started to ride home when cargo shifted.

Ut oh!

Luckily no laundry spilled out. Reshifted and retied the laundry. Rode home to finish fancy folding it on the picnic table.

I don't know how I would have managed to get all that done so quickly without my trusty dusty cherry red bicycle.

Life is goof. 

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