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News from the Virgin Islands February 2, 2010

Spitfire Troubadour
A book by Tony Snell, the entertainer and host of The Last Resort for umpteen years. A must-have book about his wild adventurous life.

Cowes Online
New gems in store for BVI Spring Regatta and Festival
Cowes Online
Held annually on the first weekend of April, the BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival will be celebrating its 39th anniversary in 2010. ...

「RumShopRyan」についてのリンク | Facebook
Author of "Hurricanes & Hangovers (and other tall tales and loose lies from the coconut telegraph)" available at Amazon and DearMissMermaid.com ...

anyone know any free registry cleaners? | Clean Up Computer. Best ...
http://ReservationsBVI.Com/Free. then scroll down to RegScrubXP. I have used it for years and it works like a charm! No spyware or nag screens. ...

Caribbean Life News > News > Caribbean > Caribbean Round-Up
Scientists monitoring the Soufriere Hills Volcano are recording more explosions. Montserratians recently cleaned out ash from their communities after a ...

Archives Unit shares historic information on Tsunami in the VI
BVI News Online
The island of Tortola was partly inundated and several persons were drowned, but the island was not submerged and 10000 lives lost, as was first reported. ...

2010 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival Looks Like Another Sizzler
With comments like that, the BVI Spring Regatta has to work hard to raise the bar every year but the organizing committee and the event host, ...

British Virgin Islands Travel: Kiteboarding Necker Island, Anegada ...
Experience Sir Richard Branson's Necker Island and a host of other world-class kiteboarding spots in the British Virgin Islands.

Reading Hurricanes & Hangovers: and other tall tales and loose lies
Author of Hurricanes and Hangovers · (and other tall tales and loose lies from the Coconut Telegraph). More Tortola and Virgin Gorda (BVI) updates on ...
lesson learned: Seaman's Book a must-have
The Triton
Via e-mails and phone calls, I receive the application for the BVI Seaman's Discharge Book (which has been around since 2001). ...
Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
It's Dear Miss Mermaid's fault this was posted *ahem* a tad late, ..... Readers have sent in a variety of questions and Dear Miss Mermaid answers them here ...
YouTube - merry christmas fireplace_0001.wmv
fireplace merry christmas yuletide log happy holidays dear miss mermaid hurricanes and hangovers hurricane hangover seasons. URL. Embed. Customize. Loading. ...
Popular City Tours
One example is Montserrat, an island with a visibly active volcano at one end and famous music recording studio at the other! The smaller islands will also appeal to those who want a secluded Caribbean holiday on a beach with no one for ...
Maybe I Should Have…found out where all the money went
The film's budget was tiny, but still stretched far enough for foreign filming locations including London, Washington DC, Guernsey and Tortola, ...
Territory to host Virgin Islands Nature Conservation showcase
BVI News Online
National parks and protected areas to be visited include Mount Healthy, Shark Bay and Sage Mountain on Tortola; Gorda Peak, The Copper Mine, The Baths, ...
In excess of $230000 pledged to Rotary's Haiti appeal
BVI News Online
Past President Tom Gerker of the Rotary Club of Tortola, who is spearheading the relief flights, said it has been a remarkable community effort. ...
British Virgin Islands voted among top 3 diving destinations
Travel Daily News International
The British Virgin Islands have once again been recognized in several categories among the “Top 100 Caribbean/Atlantic” diving destinations in the SCUBA ...

LinkedIn Recommendations
Stephen Shipley has endorsed your work as Author of Hurricanes & Hangovers at Amazon.com & DearMissMermaid.com.
Dear Dear Miss,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "Before satellite views, before facebook, linked-in, myspace, and around the time listservs existed, there lived a Mermaid - who provided invaluable eyewitness events of weather and earthquake reports for sailors, travelers and financiers of the Caribbean. She forewarned sailors of approaching hurricanes arriving and departing through out - which become known affectionately as the Coconut grapevine of the Caribbean - (see http://stormcarib.com). Most notably I remember reading cell phone text messages (late nineties) from the last available wireless networks as those who witnessed coconut cannonballs, in those far out places - the last reports / or alerts as major storms approached or departed. One report I remember - Hurricane Ivan as it approached the Caymans with Category 5 winds and not far away a USGS report of a 6.0 earthquake - as if those who stayed didn't have enough. Stormcarib provided insight into the before and after of what Disaster Recovery is all about, whether you are a sailor, a chef, traveler or banker - it pays to have a coconut grapevine / social network and to read DearMissMermaids stories!!"

Monday, February 01, 2010

The Magnificent River of Five Colors; Cano Cristales

The river shown
in the photographs is the Caño Cristales, which is
located near the town of La Macarena in Columbia, South America. The
river, world famous for its colourful display, has been called "the
river that ran away to paradise", "the most beautiful river in the
world" and "the river of five colours".
Colombia's wet season, the water flows fast and deep, obscuring
the bottom of the river and denying the mosses and algae that call the
river home the sun that they need. And during the dry season there is
not enough water to support the dazzling array of life in the river.
But during a brief span between the wet and dry seasons, when the water
level is just right, the many varieties of algae and moss bloom in a
dazzling display of colors. Blotches of amarillo, blue, green, black,
and red - and a thousand shades in between - coat the river.
The part of the
river where the colourful blooms occur is quite
isolated and is not accessible by road. Adventurous tourists can now
fly into La Macarena and then make their way to to the river site on
foot as part of guided tours. The site was effectively closed to
tourists for several years because of guerrilla activity in the region
along with concerns about the impact of unregulated tourist traffic.
However, the site was reopened to visitors in 2009.
So far, some
1,000 people have visited Caño Cristales, including around
100 foreign tourists.

The tours will
follow four clearly marked and authorized paths and one
is no longer permitted to stay overnight or cook, as this was ruining
the area previously.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Soufriere Hills Volcano on the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean

Thar she blows!  Soufriere Hills Volcano on the island of Montserrat in the Caribbean blows hot rivers of lava which cascade down from the dome.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Mermaid or Whale?

Recently, in a large city in Australia , a poster featuring a young, thin and tan woman appeared in the window of a gym. It said, "This summer, do you want to be a mermaid or a whale?"

A middle-aged woman, whose physical characteristics did not match those of the woman on the poster,
responded publicly to the question posed by the gym.

To Whom It May Concern,
Whales are always surrounded by friends (dolphins, sea lions, curious humans.) They have an active sex life, get pregnant and have adorable baby whales. They have a wonderful time with dolphins stuffing themselves with shrimp. They play and swim in the seas, seeing wonderful places like Patagonia, the Bering Sea and the coral reefs of Polynesia . Whales are wonderful singers
and have even recorded CDs. They are incredible creatures and virtually have no predators
other than humans. They are loved, protected and admired by almost everyone in the world.

Mermaids don't exist.
If they did exist, they would be lining up outside the offices of Argentinean psychoanalysts
due to identity crisis.. Fish or human? They don't have a sex life because they kill men who get close to them, not to mention how could they have sex? Just look at them ... where is IT? Therefore, they don't have kids either. Not to mention, who wants to get close to a girl who smells like a fish store?

The choice is perfectly clear to me:
I want to be a whale.

P..S. We are in an age when media puts into our heads the idea that only skinny people are beautiful, but I prefer to enjoy an ice cream with my kids, a good dinner with a man who makes me shiver, and a piece of chocolate with my friends. With time, we gain weight because we accumulate so much information and wisdom in our heads that when there is no more room, it distributes out to the rest of our bodies. So we aren't heavy, we are enormously cultured, educated and happy.

Beginning today, when I look at my butt in the mirror I will think, ¨Good grief, look how smart I am!¨

Sunday, January 24, 2010

News from the BVI & Montserrat , January 2010

Love the BVI : Fishing Fury
By Clive Mathias
If you followed this site for any amount of time you've probably seen my write about the British Virgin Islands. I was born on the main island of the BVI,
Fishing Fury - http://www.fishingfury.com/

Sailing in Virgin Territory | uk.yachtworld.com
By Ian Atkins
Try a sailing holiday in the British Virgin Islands – where a lifelong sailor can make the whole family happy, including himself.
uk.yachtworld.com - http://uk.yachtworld.com/boat-content/

The Moorings Sponsors the 2010 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing ...
By admin
CLEARWATER, FL–(Marketwire - January 21, 2010) - The Moorings announces its renewed sponsorship of the 39th annual BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival , March 29 - April 4, 2010, at Nanny Cay Marina Resort in Tortola, British Virgin ...
House Nanny - http://housenanny.com/

Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
The British Virgin Islands (BVI) is nothing less than Paradise on Earth, ... Christmas Cove on Great St.James has always been a great snorkle stop and the ...

Sail Away: What Part of "I DON'T WANT TO WORK ON A MOUNTAIN" Did ...
By Sandy Montgomery
My Other Blog: Musings, My Work in Film, Driving Crazy Tortola Roads, and a Perfect Tortola Wedding. Living the Dream. All photographs are mine and not to be copied without express permission from me. ...
Sail Away - http://sailornot.blogspot.com/

Sailing in Virgin Territory | www.yachtworld.com
By Ian Atkins
Glenn met us at Beef Island airport, on Tortola, following our short hop from the madness of Antigua airport on a busy Friday afternoon. A short stroll from the airport terminal down to the dinghy hauled up the beach at Trellis Bay, ...

Quadriplegic sails into Tortola after crossing Atlantic - Topix
Twenty-five years ago, a tall, blonde 18-year-old yachtsman dived into shallow waters in Tortola's Cane Garden Bay, broke his neck and became paralyzed from ...

customs question -- going to JVD/tortola
Hi all! I have a question....does anyone know the hours for customs? I'm guessing that the ferry schedules run based on those hours of operation.

Elected official admonishes media for negative reporting on youth
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Representative of the Fifth District, Elvis Harrigan, has expressed his concern about what he believes is a significant amount of ...

Open Letter - Teachers Too, Can Train Up A Child!
Platinum News Online
It is a known fact that the BVI is a God-fearing community and if we are living by the laws of God, one such law states that we should train up a child in ...

Youth social day in Virgin Gorda
BVI News Online
For the parents and players based on Tortola, Speedy's Ferry will depart Road Town ferry dock at 9am. We would like to take this opportunity to thank you ...

BVIslanders share their views on Haiti situation (photo gallery included)
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT The Haiti crisis has affected many, and overwhelming support has been pouring in worldwide. In light of this BVI News took to the ...

Farmers' Week 2010 to be the topic of the next Live Public Eye
BVI News Online
BY Admin-BVI Farmers' Week 2010 Agricultural Exhibition will be the topic of the next Public Eye programme, airing Tuesday, January 26, at 7pm live on CBN ...

37th International Rolex Regatta Set for March 25 to 28 2010
All At Sea
The International Rolex Regatta is the first leg of the Virgin Islands Race Week; the second half of the series continues as the BVI Spring Regatta ...

Travelers In Paradise:The BVI- What you need to know about the ...
Information on the history of the BVI as well as what to see, do, eat, where to stay, and other resources while vactioning in the British Virgin Islands.

Tortola & Virgin Gorda (BVI) - Local Reports (Caribbean Hurricane ...
Readers have sent in a variety of questions and Dear Miss Mermaid answers them here .... Bet you are wondering HOW Dear Miss Mermaid knows all the stuff. ...

Last Train Home's Eric Brace talks about recent collaborations
St. Louis Post-Dispatch
Just back from an island tour — St. Thomas,
Tortola on New Year's Eve, St. John and St. Croix — Brace answered some questions via e-mail. ...

CARIBBEAN: Waiting for the big bang | Caribbean Daily News
By admin
volcanoes and tsunamis are all facts of life, so much so that earthquakes with a magnitude 7.0 or greater have occurred in the Caribbean near Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the island of Hispaniola over the past 500 ... He said the Caribbean plate goes from west to east and it is a subduction zone that runs from Grenada in the south to Montserrat in the north. The fault that was responsible for the January 12 quake extends west through Jamaica. ...

Montserrat Volcano... Scroll down for a video of the recent eruption 

Sailing Vessel Gra'inne: Soufriere Hills Volcano
By Bob and Lesley
On our crossing we noticed a very strange cloud - perhaps a cloud of ash over the Montserrat Volcano. As we continued North we began to see very unusual boiling clouds - perhaps pyroclastic flows of ash and rock down the Northeastern ...

The respiratory toxicity of airborne volcanic ash from the ...
Biochemical and cellular assays used to assess the toxicity of Montserrat volcanic ash and its major mineral components, with time, after instillation. ...

Montserrat Tourist Board
The Club also announced at the press conference that Saturday November 27th, 2010 will be the date for the 2nd Montserrat Volcano Half-Marathon. ...

Head to Montserrat for The Volcano Show | TrulyCaribbean.Net
DON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO? HEAD TO MONTSERRAT FOR THE VOLCANO SHOW Montserrat welcomes visitors during the active period of the Soufriere Hills Volcano. ...

Thursday, January 21, 2010

News from Virgin Islands January 21-22, 2010

Teen accused of attempted burglary at RT Police Station headed for High Court
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT A burglary case against eighteen-year-old Vernon Bernard will be heard during the February criminal assizes of the High Court of ...

Impressive line-up expected for 2010 Music Fest
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT The Music Fest Committee is close to sealing deals with major artistes to perform at the tenth anniversary of the Territory's Music ...

BVICF Announces Season Opener
Platinum News Online
The BVI Cycling Federation cordially invites the public to its seasoning opening event slated for Sunday February 7. Following a brief opening ceremony at ...

Caribbean Hurricane Network
Caribbean Hurricane Network
By dearmissmermaid at aol.com Today was a pretty day here in Tortola. We had a few showers over night but nothing more than a small one at best. ...

The Moorings Sponsors the 2010 BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival ...
Earthtimes (press release)
... of the 39th annual BVI Spring Regatta and Sailing Festival, March 29 - April 4, 2010, at Nanny Cay Marina & Resort in Tortola, British Virgin Islands. ...

Government bestows honorary belongership on Geoff Holt
BVI News Online
While in the Territory, Mr. Holt visited a number of schools on Virgin Gorda and Tortola and during his visit to the Eselyn Henley Richez Learning Centre on ...

Residents pledge $180000 to assist Haiti
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Approximately $180000 was pledged on Monday evening during a three-hour telethon organized by the Rotary Family of BVI. ...

LIME Donates Over US$7000 for Haiti Relief
Platinum News Online
"Given that we are One Caribbean, I think this was an excellent gesture on the part of BVI LIME employees to reach out to our neighbours. ...

Premier addresses concerns about Labour Code
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT Concerns about the new Labour Code as it relates to newly married, expatriate and belonger couples were brought to the attention of ...

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Live Reports from Haiti

I met a guy on the bus who was holding a sandwich. He had left his house to go buy a sandwich when the earthquake hit. He returned to his home to find it flattened, then went to the school that he teaches at to find it flattened. With nothing left but a sandwich in his hand, and $7 in his sock, he set out for Cap Haitien to be with the rest of his family.

Quote from a live correspondent in Haiti, reporting on StormCarib.com

Port-au-Prince Cathedral, Before the Earthquake

Port-au-Prince Cathedral, After the Earthquake

Pray for Haiti

Donate to the Red Cross


Three things in human life are important

Three things in human life are important:
the first is to be kind;
the second is to be kind;
and the third is to be kind.
                                                           ~Henry James (1843-1916)

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”

 Winston Churchill

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

 Maya Angelou

Thursday, January 14, 2010

News from the British Virgin Islands January 14, 2010

VI Pushing to Get More Mega Yachts
Platinum News Online
As the BVI Government through its Tourist Board (TB) continues to find ways to attract more tourists to the Territory, attempts are being made to lure more ...

HLSCC to bury time capsule tomorrow
BVI News Online
BY BVI CORRESPONDENT A time capsule will be buried on Thursday morning at the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College as part of ongoing celebrations to mark its ...

Cancellation of tender for construction of Culinary Arts Centre at HLSCC
BVI News Online
BY Admin-BVI The Procurement Unit of the Ministry of Finance wishes to inform the public on the cancellation of the construction of the Culinary Arts Centre ...

Haiti Earthquake Videos; Warning; Very Graphic


This is video sent on the day of the earthquake. The Global Orphan Project supports over 2200 kids in Haiti. This video was sent by Louis St. Germain through the Cambry Technical Center to Shane Hackett and Frantz St. Germain.

The CBS News Investigative Unit has acquired video of buildings collapsing in Port-au-Prince, Haiti during the country's worst earthquake since 1770. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0 and dozens of aftershocks.

The Horrific Aftermath Of Tuesday's earthquake in Haiti... This Is A PSA To All Who See , Help Support

A photoessay with images from Jan. 12 - Jan. 13 of the disaster in Haiti. You can donate to our International Relief Fund by visiting www.redcross.org 

Haiti Earthquake-(Before & After photos)

COPY and SHARE this link
so others will be encouraged to donate to

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Dear Miss Mermaid wants to connect on LinkedIn


I'd like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn.

- Dear Miss Mermaid
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Monday, January 11, 2010

St John Life in the Virgin Islands

Gerald Singer of St John has written many interesting books about St John, St Thomas ad Vieques. He also maintains a great website about St John, aptly named St John Life. 

I spent several fun filled year in and out and around St John and Gerald was a good friend of mine.  But hurricanes and hangovers... and I ended up sailing onwards. Some of the stories in my book "Hurricanes and Hangovers" are about St John. 

Here are some of Gerald's books you might be interested in reading.