Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Slabs in California (Updated Often)

For some perverse reason, I've become fascinated with a place called THE SLABS near Niland California at the Salton Sea in the desert.  As I find interesting links, I will put them here.

And Life Goes On: The Good, the Bad and the Bizarre!!
By firstep
For almost 10 years we heard about The Slabs or Slab City (as it is called) and for almost ten years we avoided staying there. But when Diane and Andy (valued Escapee buddies) said how much they enjoyed their time there and we really ...
And Life Goes On -

The Slabs By Russ | January 1, 2010

Scavenging the Slabs | Hitek Homeless
By johnny
Once again, we arrived at Slab City in the dark and were unable to find the primo campsite. So, we just settled for the same site we had last year, pulled in (checking for nails) and staked our claim. Unlike last year, we had two bikes ...
Hitek Homeless -

Bourbon, Bastards and Birds: Pissing On The Fire
By Seagull Steve
Slab City ("The Last Free Place On Earth") and Salvation Mountain were both very popular with some of us on the Burrowing Owl crews when I lived down there, and I was happy to get back to see Leonard Knight and his mountain. ...
Bourbon, Bastards and Birds -

The Slabs - iRV2 Forums
By CorsairIIAT
The Salton Sea is long dead and now just a big stinky puddle. If you are looking for a good place to drop out of society, this is a great place to do it. Slab City makes Quartzsite look like a luxury resort. ...
iRV2 Forums -

Welcome to Slab City on Flickr - Photo Sharing!
Slab City is an informal city of snowbirds and year-round residents squatting on an abandoned World War II navy base east of Niland, California.

Happy New Year! | The Path Less Pedaled
By Laura
Slab City, California… where we learned that, sometimes, it's best just to check your expectations at the door. Favorite Aspect of the Journey… Meeting all of the people that we've had the opportunity to connect with along the way, ...
The Path Less Pedaled -

Videos tagged 'slabcity' on Vimeo
2 months ago. 2009 Boicott BMX Camping Jam - Slab City. 2 months ago ... Exploring The Salton Sea & Salvation Mountain at Slab City. 8 months ago ...

The Slabs | The Path Less Pedaled
By Russ
When you enter Slab City, you are greeted by a concrete military sentry box painted over with flying doves and what looks like a Christmas tree. Immediately two things are clear - nothing here is what it seems and this place is full of ...
The Path Less Pedaled -

YouTube - Club Oasis-Slab City
A cool club in Slab City, Ca. up from the Salton Sea. They had a small libray and movie viewing area. They serve home made food on Wed. nights. Wish we ...
Slab City California by Daisymaye
These are all Slab City shots. Slab City is an area in the desert where some people go and spend the winter in their rv\'s. I think some people even live ...

YouTube - Accordian/tremeloa Song
RV Marvels - Salvation Mountain at Slab City. 4606 views. RoadabodeProductions ... Salvation Mountain near Slab City | Cam3ram3n. 1235 views ...

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