Wednesday, January 04, 2012

And The Rest Of It Followed

"Airport officials said the nose of the aircraft went off the taxiway, and the rest of the plane followed it into the grass. "  Quote from:  Plane carrying 150 passengers skids off icy runway and gets stuck in grass  (By the way, no one was injured, just inconvenienced and the plane was fine.)

Does this quote strike anyone else besides me as hilarious?  No need to drug test those pilots, what kind of grass were those airport officials smoking?  

Imagine trying to explain how your car knocked down a utility pole:
"Well officer, the nose of the car hit the pole and the rest of the car followed it..."

Or how about the time I tripped and fell forward while walking down a sloped driveway a few years back...  "My nose hit the ground and the rest of my body followed..."

One time I watched a boat trying to dock, but he came in so fast, he crashed into the dock. "The bow of the boat crashed through the dock and the rest of the boat followed it..."

So what started this hilarity?  Well, I was about to tuck myself into bed tonight, when suddenly a great big jet(?) flew just above the tree tops. Needless to say, it was incredibly  loud.  I opened up my window and screen, then stuck my head outside the RV,  to see WHAT was going on. Seeing as I am 30 miles out in the wilderness, I was expecting a UFO but it appeared to be a large jet coming in for a nearby landing. 

I've only been here 2-3 months, but I've not ever heard a plane around here at all. However, I have seen a helicopter fly over here once. 

I went on the internet to see what airports were south of me that could accommodate a jet that big. 

Turns out Florida has loads of airports, air strips and air parks. According to google's map, by golly, there is an air park south of here. Maybe someone chartered a jet to go to their manse there. 

Somehow I ended up on the above news article when google misunderstood what I was searching for. I read and reread that quote;

"Airport officials said the nose of the aircraft went off the taxiway, and the rest of the plane followed it into the grass. "

So, I could easily describe the jet that passed overhead:  The nose of a jet flew by close overhead... and the rest of the plane followed it... Tee hee hee...

I'm going to bed, it's already c-c-cold here, supposed to get down to 30 effing degrees tonight. 

Oops, I meant 30F degrees.  (Me bad!) 

Night night!  

I am taking my nose to bed...  hopefully the rest of me will follow it.


  1. LOL, sometimes you just have to wonder about things like this.

  2. LOL! talk about stating the obvious!

  3. The nose knows? Sometimes my butt leads my nose around though if I fall on it first ;-)
    Thanks for today's humor!!

  4. That was good Made me laugh.


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