Monday, January 30, 2012

Rut Roh

Thank You
I've been reading all the wonderful comments, some with questions too. I am going to address the questions (soon) and use some of the comments for future ideas. I do check the comments daily, what fun!

Rut Roh
I've been a real klutz lately. I stepped on the puppy dog's paw, which made him cry. That made me cry. So we both had a good cry. I cuddled him in my arms, babied him and loved him, so he would hopefully understand it was an accident. He gave me kissy face after awhile, so I hope that is puppy dog speak for forgiveness. 

As the sun creeps up, the morning fog begins to dissipate.
This was my view an hour or so after I reported to the hunters station.
Scenes  like this make workamping in the boonies well worth it. 

Big BooBoo
I have an angry red injury right on my silly face. I manage to cut my mug from mid forehead, across my left eyelid and down to my upper cheek. Face cheek, not my rump.  That was yesterday afternoon. This morning I look like a horror show!  I couldn't brush my hair in front of the mirror so I didn't brush it for hours. I let it look wild like my ragged face. Ugh.

I am supposed to go to a potluck luncheon today. I would love to cover it up with thick makeup, but I am afraid of infecting it.  I iced my face a good bit yesterday, plus slathered antibiotics on it several times.  It hurts and it looks awful. It's complicated to explain how I managed this disasterous feat. But basically I got the bright idea to relocate the camping gazebo. 

One of the upper frame strut joints is broken. I had tucked the broken frame strut back in place. Eventually I bought super glue to put it back together, but then forgot what the super glue was for. Duh...  The other night I got the bright idea to do a project of gluing nonskid rubber to the back of a rattan tray, using up all the super glue I had on hand. I use the tray on top of the compact washer in my bedroom. It holds my drink, remote control, cell phone and bowl of popcorn if I am having that for dinner. In my haste to reach the bathroom, I bumped the tray, which slid across the washer, dumping iced tea all over the basket of dog toys and puppy sweaters. What a mess. 

Realizing I had some spare grip-it shelf liner (pvc coated rubber typically used in boats and RVs) I got this bright idea to custom cut a piece to fit the bottom of the rattan tray.  This would prevent it from skidding across the washer should I be a klutz in the future. The washer lid is slightly angled downward. 

This worked so well, I decided it would be handier if the rubber was glued permanently to the bottom of the tray.  I am a sailor and still think like one. I keep forgetting I live in a motorhome and not a boat. But still the motorhome tosses around when driving, maybe not as bad as a sailboat at sea, but things rattle, slip and slide inside the cabinets and drawers, if you don't have this wonderful grip-it shelf liner.

I carefully super glued the rubber, utilizing all the super glue I had on hand, which was 3 tiny tubes. I was extremely proud of this feat, because I managed to do so without gluing my fingers together (a common problem when you cross a klutz with super glue).

So when I moved the gazebo, the broken strut popped out of place, flying into  my face attacking it. About that time, I suddenly remembered why I bought all that super glue. Ah ha!  

I ran inside to throw a wet cold cloth over my face before I could bear to look in the mirror. Luckily my eyeball is fine as my eyelid instinctively closed tightly a nanosecond before the attack. When I finally worked up my nerve to look in the mirror, I was a tad shocked. A jagged piece of broken plastic can do a lot of damage. What's even worse, is that I already have old facial scars.  I really didn't need a new one.  Grrrrrrrrrr...

It would have been much easier to stay home and not go to the luncheon, but I had enthusiastically volunteered to make several dishes, plus a gallon of  iced tea and bring my shoe box of ice from the freezer. Eventually I faced the mirror, fixed my hair, doctored up my face with antibiotics.  There was just no way to hide the obvious booboo without making it even more conspicuous. I tried covering half my face with my long hair. While it looked alluring, it wasn't very functional for a luncheon, though I could have probably gotten away with it in a dark nightclub. 

I tried my sunglasses on, but the luncheon was being held indoors rather than outdoors.  My glasses are very dark, so it would have looked very unfriendly. Finally, I decided to just go and try to think up creative answers to my accident. 

Like ages ago, when I busted my knee in a rough boating accident during a storm. I was living in the Caribbean on my old sailboat. For months, my leg was wrapped in bandages while I hobbled around on shore with a walker or a cane. When I sat down, I had to prop my leg up on another chair. Tourists kept asking me how I was injured. Tiring of the same old story, I began creating new ones. I told one crowd I did it on a bad landing from skydiving. Another inquiring mind, I replied I fell out of a coconut tree while making a pina colada.  While in a beach bar, I told some inebriated patrons that it was injured by a shark bite. 

That story came back to haunt me hours later. A reporter from the local newspaper tracked me down for an interview.  He was quite deflated when he found out the shark bite was farcical. 


  1. Oooh, that hurts. So glad you didn't hurt your eye.

  2. I see a possible Land Shark story in your future.


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