Sunday, January 08, 2012

Eye Delights and Sick Jokes

Unique architecture captures my interest. This exotic scene is actually the Islamic Center of greater Toledo Ohio.
Right after I bought my wheel estate, I had a relapse.I ended up parked for 3 months after only driving 10 miles. Day after day, I stared out the windows, pretending I was going somewhere. Incredibly, we had a record breaking snow fall in upstate South Carolina a few weeks later.  I took this picture while hanging out my bedroom window because the snow flakes were so huge I wanted to capture them. 

Bridges fascinate me.  This is the one from Long Point Island to Scout Island, about 20 miles south of Melbourne at Long Point Park Campground in Florida.

I drove past the Ohio River Bridge and got lost. Then I realized I was supposed to be on the bridge.  No idea why bridges intrigue me. Maybe because each engineer comes up with a unique design.
I was just sharing some of my fun stuff. I am a tad weak and exhausted.  I need more caffeine in my coffee, more starch in my food.  I want to grow old, I want to get well, I want to go see the Salton Sea. 

WARNING...these are some sick jokes...

So far it's been ruled out that I don't have Afrophobia (a fear of 70's hair styles) nor do I have psedo-nymphomania (compulsive sex under an assumed name). 

Luckily I don't have Herpes Cineplex (a rash caused by overpriced movie tickets) nor Oreoporosis (too many cookies, too little milk). 

I might be suffering from Deja Flu (the feeling I've had this before) and Visacarditus (heart stopping sensation from opening the credit card  bills).  

They told me to stop dating my young lover. I said "Why?  Luke is nice, young, very good looking, and  makes me feel terrific!"  The doctor said "Yeah, but we don't want you to  have Acute Lukemia..."

In certain states, they plan to legalize marijuana and distribute it without charge,   for the treatment of keratoma. It's going to be called "Keratoma Free Cannabis"  or a  KFC joint, for short. 


  1. I hope you can kick whatever it is that is ailing you & get healthy again! The positive is that you have Harley & they can help sooo much for our spirits. {{hugs}}

  2. I did a double take when I saw the Mosque picture. It sure looked familiar. I past it a lot when I lived in Toledo:)


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