Saturday, January 14, 2012

Paw Prints

Sunrise in Osceola County, Florida. 

Dear Miss Mermaid is a tad sick, so the puppy dog is getting his paw in print today. 

I woke up to this wondrous beauty. The first miracle of the day; the sunrise. (Handing the camera wiff my wittle paws, ain't easy!)

Here's a map of Osceola County, Florida. 
I doubt I will get to pee on every tree in the county, but I am sure trying my best anyhow. 

I am not going to have otoplasty.  The tabloids were all wrong about that.   There is nothing wrong with my ears. I think I might just have  this look trademarked.  

I just wuv my new birthday jacket. The shearling is so soft on the inside.  On cold days like today, it keeps me toasty warm.

Now that we are in Melbourne, Florida for medical mess, we have to put up privacy curtains at night. This helps keep the heat inside and the cold outside.   But it blocks a puppy's view at night. 

Help support a doggy and his mermaid, shop at Amazon with this link. We earn little commissions which help to  pay for things like my birthday coat. I promise you big sloppy dog kisses all over your sweet face to show my gratitude. 


  1. Red in the morn, sailor's be warned! Red at night, sailor's delight! Haha, learned that one when I was a kid. Good job Harley!

  2. Yes good job Harley.
    those curtain are cool did you make them?
    Hope you medical problems are solved soon.


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