Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Puppy Prattle

My pet parent bathed me, dried me, fluffed me, brushed me, groomed me, and even put pawfume spray on me.  I smelled and looked terrific!  

When she was all done, I shook myself silly until I got my fur just the way I like it.  

I can see the TV just fine from here.  Are we going to have paw-corn with the movie?

There's more than one way to lounge on the furniture.  Just ask me. 

I signed up for  internet dating.  Look who I met!  Do you think we would make a cute couple?

I am going to ask her to meet me at the puppy park for a drink.  I told her I'll be the little doggy wearing the  red shirt with a green and orange vest. That should make it easy for her to find me. 

Then I am going to shop for a gift for my date at Amazon's Pet Department.  I was looking at toys, hats, dresses, collars and doggles. 

I really like this hat. Do you think she will like it?

Well, that's enough from me today. I have to go now. I think I heard the Pavlov dinner bell. 


  1. Nice! This gives me an idea for a post. I have been stuck for a week:(

  2. Photos of your dog always reminds me of the story Hurry Home Candy I read when I was in grade 5. You should take a look at this URL and see the cover - the drawing of the dog looks just like Harley.


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