Monday, January 23, 2012

Traffic Jam

We got  stuck in heavy traffic this morning at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area. Um... do cows qualify as wildlife?

Harley does this when the indoor heat is set too low. You can't even tell where the head ends and the tail begins. 

Harley waits for lunch. Notice his tether is going six different directions. 
Harley's fur is growing back out from the erratic trim he received when sand spurs stuck in his fur last October at Hunting Island Beach, South Carolina

Waterfront lots with idyllic views like this make Long Point Park in Florida very popular for campers. We had to leave on Friday because the weekend was sold out completely by advance reservations.  Just for grins I checked into a monthly rate for next winter. The quoted rate was nearly double my modest erratic monthly income, so obviously, this won't be happening. Guess I better find more workamping!  Long Point Park does not use workampers at all. What a shame, I would have pestered them mightily for a position. 

Harley is practicing to be a big game hunter with his new raccoon toy. Harley says  THANK YOU with a big slobbery kissy  face to the fan that sent him this fur play critter. Should I be jealous?  Harley gets fan mail and gifties!  His raccoon came with two squeakers, which he loved the sound of so much, he spent days and nights entertaining me, himself and  the other campers with his tossing and throwing and frequent squawking of the raccoon. Recently a certain somebody (hint: comes with 4 legs) managed to remove one of the squeakers. 

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  1. Now that is what I call a traffic jam, not to mention road debris:)


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