Monday, January 02, 2012

World of Beauty

Tonight is going to be the coldest night we've had so far this year. It's expected to get down to the late 20's.  But we are only 2 days into the new year. Maybe it's the coldest this winter, so far. 

I am moving to Florida. It's just too cold here. My mermaid blood just can't take this frigid weather. Bah humbug!

Oh wait.  Let me check. Oops!  I am in Florida. Central Florida. Out in no man's land. I do so love the beauty here. Today it was in the mid 70's.  By 8pm it is already down to 50F and dropping. 

I am shivering. The little ceramic heater is on full blast. I get up to check the thermometer and notice an open window. *Sigh*  Maybe if I close the window, it will finally warm up inside. (Did my brain freeze up?)

Here are some candid photos I took and a map of the location I shot them in.  Life is beautiful (but getting c-c-c-cold.)

My location on the palmetto prairie at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area in Florida.

Characteristic plants are saw palmetto, beardgrass, gallberry, wiregrass, and carpetgrass.
Pine trees and cabbage-palms hammocks are  widely scattered.

Sunrise resembles fire in the distance.
Low lying fog blurs the undergrowth. 

My little puppy dog and I walk this road several  times a day.
He likes to water the plants and fertilize them. 

There is always something beautiful in bloom.
The western sunlight begins to fade beneath a canopy of clouds. 


  1. We're almost neighbors! I didn't realize that you were so close. Let us know if you travel by Moss Park. We'll be here through the end of the week.

  2. I was reading up on Moss Park, had not heard of it before yet I thought I had researched all in Orlando. However, what I read was "NO PETS ALLOWED within the park, with or without leashes."

    Sadly, my little Harley dog qualifies as a pet. I think the majority of RV-ers do travel with pets, so this is very sad.

  3. It is sure winter shock. Here in the FL panhandle it will be down to 23 tonight. There goes the propane budget:)

  4. I hadn't noticed the no pets rule. That probably accounts for the emptiness of this park. I think that we may be the only ones here today. The weekend was busy - lots of kids having a wonderful time but no dogs ,now that I think about it. That is a strange rule because you're right - most RVers do have a pet.


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