Monday, November 18, 2013

Clowns and Spa Treatments

Awhile back Camping World offered to get my RV washed. EXCUSE me they called it a spa treatment. When I asked about where to sit for my pedicure, they informed me that their spa treatment was a wash and dry for the RV only.  They wanted $3.49 per foot and up ($98 for my 28 foot motorhome and that didn't even include my two feet.)

I politely declined their offer. No pedicure. No deal. If anyone is going to the spa, it will be me not my RV.

At some point I tried to wash the beast myself. The past owners didn't seem to put much time or effort into the outside, so it's kind of always looked a little bedraggled. My torturous wash job would have made a hilarious video if it had been compressed into a few minutes of speedy film. I should have worn a clown suit to make my dropsy antics entertaining.

It took me 2 weeks and 50 stabs of painful attempts, creeping up and down a ladder while my joints protested mightily, attempting to scrub (and constantly dropping) all sorts of sponges, rags, erasers, brushes, soaps, bleach, hoses and I forget what else I tried in a serious attempt at cleaning up the outside.

It sure looked like a clown had done the work when I finished, but I thought it looked a smidgen better. (This was before I was able to afford new eyeglasses.)

But I was excited, I had a friend coming to camp for a few days and I wanted the rig to look nice and inviting.

When my friend arrived, we sat outside under the awning chatting away and playing toss the ball with the doggy. He looked over at my motorhome then said "You know, we ought to wash your RV while I'm here to help, it looks awfully dirty."

Now I  really felt like a clown.

Speed forward to the present...

Today while out walking Harley to deposit our trash at the dumpster, we ran into 2 different people I met last year that are here this year in the same campground. Both said my motorhome looked great. I was SURPRISED to hear that. I was oh so proud too. Somebody noticed. 

Baby got a NEW bath!

I've been worried that my camping throughout the Sea Islands was causing me to collect corrosive salt on my wheel estate. The usual dirt and dust was sticking to her too.

Recently in Brunswick, Georgia we stopped at a Blue Beacon Truck and RV wash. For $28 they pressure washed my RV while Harley Dog and I enjoyed the water storm from inside. They did an incredible job that I just can't rival. The don't call it a spa treatment, they call it what it is, a wash job.

We wait our turn at the truck wash.

Holy smokes, even my old tires came out looking new. I was worried more parts might pop off, but at least they would be clean. They even pressure washed my bicycle hanging on the rear bumper. Too funny!

I was a little nervous because when I arrived, there were no signs or anything to tell me what to do. So I got in line with the truckers. As they moved forward, I did too. Still nobody showed up to collect money or tell me to get lost or get out of line or you're out of line or this is a spa not an RV wash.

When the truck in front of us exited the bay, several guys motioned rapidly for us to pull in. We were pelted with water and soap by 4 or 5 guys running around with these huge pressure washer wands. They were determined to get my rig clean.

A man came up asking me to get out while he signaled the enthusiastic crew to shut down the water. I climbed out, he escorted me around the corner to an office where a cheerful lady chatted happily while taking my money.

Back inside my wheel estate Harley jumped on my chest slathering kisses all over my face to let me know how much he missed me (and how badly he needed a bath too!)

I was gone a good 2-3 minutes.

Dogs are wonderful that way!

Always thrilled to have you back again.

About ten or fifteen minutes later, they finished washing my wheel estate, waving me out the exit. Amazing how dumping off all that dirt, salt, sand, mud and muck cheered up the motorhome (and me!) Even my gas mileage improved.

And 2 weeks later, 2 people said it looked very nice (and they didn't even know baby got a bath!)

I am on TOP of the world.  Wait until my friend sees this...
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  1. i ride bikes as in bicycles. i will not tell you to not pressure wash your bike. i don't care. but your bike will. if your bike is lucky they didn't wash the grease out of the bearings. you will figure it out soon enough. if it gets squeaky, hard to petal, turn, gets stiff or anything it didn't do before it may need an overhaul. that is not as bad as it sounds. the bearings will need to be repacked. if you are lucky just the offending one.

    the chain needs attention. good bike chain lube NOT wd40. a bike shop is your best bet. they will know what to sell you, unlike walmart. hell use amazon that way you can pay yourself. amazon has a product "white lighting clean ride" i've used it. good for me, i don't get a spiff. i like drip or squeeze bottles. no aerosols. they splatter.

    peaceup billy(not a robot. i've been called a lot but never a robot. don't give up hope the ain'y with yet.)

    1. THanks for the bike info. I worked on my bicycle yesterday and some today. It's looking good again and I rode it both days, yippee! Amazon doesn't give me any credit for things I order for myself, but they do save me oodles of gas for sure.

  2. I always wanted to take my 5th wheel to a Blue Beacon truck wash, but I was afraid I would be embarrassed by not knowing what to do. Would I sit in a line and follow the trucks in? Or would I be the only one there and look like a fool by waiting in the wrong spot, etc. Congratulations on getting to it!


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