Saturday, November 16, 2013

How Did He Know?

This trip yielded some real interesting detours...

We slid into Florida in one piece or multiple pieces, depending on how you look at it.

I so wish I were a cartoon artist so I could draw a caricature of my motorhome with parts popping off.

Yepper!  We left motorhome DNA in 4 different states but we arrived alive with all the tires still rolling (but we are missing a critical valve stem.)

Twice I made detours for repairs I couldn't do on my own. Three times the UPS truck chased me down in two campgrounds bringing needy parts hither and yonder. Thank goodness Amazon offers free 2 day delivery for Prime members. (They've become very competitive on just about everything including RV parts.)

Other things were cobbled together with exotic odds and ends. Like the overcab bunk bed ladder was temporarily repaired with a stainless steel S hook I found last summer while picking up litter as a volunteer. I tossed it in my little compartment organizer, which ironically was bought second hand at a Salvation Army Thrift Store for spare change.

This past spring and summer I filled up a small spare change purse while picking up litter as a volunteer.

Today someone suggested I write about my motorhome budget so others could see how I make this all happen so "efficiently".

But how do you put a price on dumpster diving?

Yesterday I met a real interesting character behind the grocery store. He arrived in a weathered pickup truck with all his scrap metal finds jingling in the truck bed. He came to check the dumpster just as Harley and I were departing. We yacked it up for about 30 minutes, the pros and cons of dumpster diving. (Sadly, we both struck out on this one.)

This guy let me in on a few tasty secrets too.

I'll admit, I often get embarrassed to be seen poking around the dumpsters, but since I have Harley Dog, he makes a great cover, like I'm just here to walk the dog.

I was wondering how this stranger knew I was competing with him and not just exercising the canine critter.

Did my long handle grabber and folding step stool betray me?

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  1. So I'd be interested in some of the guy's secrets. I haven't ever been a dumpster diver (that I can remember) but I'm frugal and always interested in how other people do frugal.


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