Tuesday, November 05, 2013

UFO Sighting

I believe in UFO's and aliens because just like mermaids, they really do exist. Now I have proof.

My camera takes photos randomly.  I will be aiming for a subject, snapping the picture, assuming the camera functioned. It makes all the noises like it snapped a photo. Later when I download them to my computer, many pics are simply MIA. 

Did Aliens steal them for research?

Sometimes the camera has a random delayed reaction, apparently snapping pics after I have moved on to do other things. Later I download blurry pics or snaps of very odd things.

Are aliens controlling my camera?

On a return trip from the beach,  I tried to take a picture of my campsite, then walked to the door, to kick off my shoes to go inside. The camera had one of its erratic delays, so I ended up with a strange picture of my shoes and no picture of the campground.

Are the aliens curious about my removable feet?

I decided to crop the picture and keep the photo to forever remind me of a fun day at the seashore with my new little gremlin friend.
ufo sightings

A Big Lump In My Bed

Oh my gosh, is there a little alien hiding in my bed?

My double bed in the rear of my mini motorhome is pretty much boxed in like a bunk on a sailboat. Making it up takes extra effort, because you can't just walk around it. Having lived and worked for years on boats afloat, I am accustomed to difficult beds. But still it's hard work to climb all over the bed while simultaneously trying to make it up neatly.

My bed only has 8 pillows, so I have to move all these up forward to the living area seats, while I make up the bed in back. For medical reasons I have accumulated various types of pillow aids.

A goofy friend who came to see my motorhome, glanced in the rear at my bed with all its pillows, which that morning I had neatly arranged around the perimeter. They remarked "Oh, you have a padded cell. Nice..."

One day recently I finally got my cell, I mean bed, all made up with clean sheets, a comforter and a bedspread. Turning my back, I went forward to retrieve the pillows. Upon my return a moment later, I was startled to find a big lump in the bed. Pulling back the bedspread, wondering if a little alien was hiding under there, I was dumbfounded to find this strange little gremlin.

ufo sightings

Below is a great picture (after cropping, straightening, coloring...) 

Ha!  I've finally outsmarted the alien photo thieves.

I've titled this one "Driftwood Ballet" because it reminds me of a ballerina in motion. 

Can't see the ballerina?

Maybe you need a padded cell too.

ufo sightings

I put a little leash on the alien gremlin. He began climbing up the wall. When he stopped to admire his shadow, I captured his picture.
ufo sightings

Alien Garden

I went for a ride in their UFO. They took me to another world. When nobody was looking, I snapped this photo of their garden. Not sure what they are growing, but it sure looks interesting.

ufo sightings

Alien or Mermaid Fossil?

The beach was littered with black rocks that were washing up with the tide one morning. Astonishingly one had a partial print. A mermaid hand print?  An alien foot?

Inquiring minds want to know.

ufo sightings

I also captured numerous photos of the UFO. 

But aliens stole my pictures. 

Maybe they didn't like me photographing their vessel.


  1. Great pictures and narrative, and the alien gremlin was the best!. He acts like he owns the place!

    I don't know if you have seen the program on TV about mermaids, with actual footage of a couple of them. Hey, I believe! (They don't look anything like Disney's Ariel though).

    1. Love your frequent comments, thanks! Yes, a friend saved the mermaid show for me to watch at his house. It was incredible!

  2. I am on my way to Melbourne, be there any day now!


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