Saturday, February 22, 2014

Freeware to Fix Your Computer

Having had my share of computer problems recently, most of mine were program and website update related and my unwillingness to learn new stuff right this daggum minute because some nervous wreck of a programmer decided we all had to upgrade to their new system come hell or high water... But I digress...

Anyhow, I decided to put together my list of FREE programs I use to try to keep my computer in tip top shape. Notice I said free. Look for freeware when you go to these download links. Many of these links will give you the option to download a trial version, but read carefully and select the freeware version.

I am on an efficient budget which is a polite way to say I live on an amazingly small amount of funds due to my chronic medical mess. This has made me work harder at finding freebies to keep my used and refurbished equipment moving along. If you own the latest and greatest, this may not help you. I've been using old technology for awhile because the savings are substantial.

But if you are having problems with your computer, you might start off with the freebies before you fork over money for a fix. Years ago, a couple of trusted programmers told me that there was really no need to ever buy software again. That if you dig deep enough, you can find what you want to do in a freeware version. Amazingly, they must have been right, because I have a stack of amazing programs I utilize that I obtained through freeware.

That being said... some freeware comes with a stack of spyware or advertisements, that make using the product cumbersome. These programs I have listed below, have served me well, without spyware or advertisements.

Backup all your info before you start fixing your computer. Also create a restore point, in case you don't like the changes you made. Then start off with these free programs and see if you can't get your computer up to speed again.

Some erratic computer problems could be a virus or malware. Here is a free virus and boogie scan, do the full scan, it may take a few hours, but sometimes malware or a virus is hiding in your machine doing awful things:

Read carefully that you are getting the freebie and not a trial offer, I have used the freebie both on quick scans and full scans, (full is slow) but worth the peace of mind. The quick scan is quick... but nice to do the full scan now and then if your computer is acting funny (and if  you don't find that comical.) I usually do the full scan at night while I sleep.

I use this program weekly or more often depending on what I am up to. It clears out a lot of junk and gets things moving along faster again. It also has a registry cleaner with the freebie.

Aulogics Defrag works in a speedy manner, far faster than windows defrag and has options to optimize your computer too. I use this daily because I work with a lot of files writing and so on.

Registry Cleaner

Find Junk Files
Another freebie I use at least every week. Clear the clutter. My hard drive is not huge, so I want to mow down the fluff that gets stuck on a hard drive and has no use.

Registry Defrag, this compacts your registry and you have to restart your computer afterwards, so make sure you are ready to do that.

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