Friday, February 28, 2014

Something Slithered Out Of The Fridge

Ut oh...

Something is slithering out of my refrigerator!

This is a motorhome refrigerator, it is built-in above a big drawer. Manufacturers like to put the refrigerator up off the floor because it is so short, they don't want you to notice how small it really is.

The drawer and veneered wood above it are water damaged from the previous owners. The fridge used to leak instead of drain out the back like it was designed to. I repaired that problem awhile back. Matter of fact, it's been repaired several times, before a kind repairman showed me last winter, the exact cure. Since then it has not leaked a drop.

But I digress...

It doesn't pay to get up at 2am to go visit the broom closet. In case you are wondering... I keep a toilet in my broom closet, that I wished to utilize at this unlikely hour.

When I saw this thing dangling out of my refrigerator door, it surely woke me up!

The overhead heat pump fan was running, which was blowing the snakey like thing around as if it was indeed slithering out of the door alive in the darkened motorhome.

Instead of a throne, now I needed clean undies. Ooops! I guess you could say the thought of a snake inside my wheel estate startled me something awful.

The next morning at a proper hour, I determined the snake was really the magnet that belonged inside rubber casing that runs around the door.  For a few days I kept manually stuffing it back in place, but it came out often enough, looking all snakey when it wiggled, kind of mocking me.

Tearing threw my cabinets, I located some gel like glue that promised to adhere vertically if one smiled politely and used clamps to hold it in place for an hour or two.

After practicing where the magnet belonged inside the rubber gasket without glue, I finally took a deep breath, slathered on the glue, stuck the magnet back inside the split rubber casing (what was left of it anyhow) then quickly popped on two spring clamps to hold it all in place. I shut down the refrigerator, since the door was ajar. I wanted the clamps to hold it firmly in place until it had married back to the door.

The rubber casing had inexplicably slit open at the bottom, when the magnet glue finally gave way, the magnet slithered out.

An "Ah ha" moment...

I don't need this foolishness, but that's life in a little old motorhome.

For fun I took a 2nd picture, it shows how the clamps are holding up the repair job, with Harley's pile of toys in the back corner. He put them there. He is always relocating his toys. He took a liking to my foot rug by the bed and piled his toys up one by one while he lay on the rug fighting and playing with them. When he grew tired of that, he simply abandoned them there.

The only problem now is, the refrigerator door blocks the entire aisle to the motorhome.

I took out the bottom shelf on the door, which is why the Ceres papaya juice and Irish Cream are sitting in the floor.

The day was starting to warm up, so I loaded up the doggy on the bicycle and off we went to see the world while the refrigerator glue cured.

It's always something... killing half my day, but I am sure this will improve the performance of my fridge.

Also, it won't be able to frighten me at 2am when I need to visit the broom closet.


Life is goof!