Monday, February 17, 2014

Got This Terror

Life is wonderful!

Any day I wake up alive, I just know a new adventure is going to unfold. I want to be awake and alive for all things sunshiny. Some days I get too weak too fast, I nap in the sunshine. I feel so guilty for missing out on any daylight, but the nap rejuvenates me into pressing onward.

When are they going to make vacuum cleaners you can ride on?

Well!  Technology continues to amaze me. As soon as I type "When are they going to make vacuum cleaners you can ride on?" this funny screen pooped up (yes pooped not popped!) that reads "We're sorry but we were unable to complete your request."

Well dang it, I am sorry too, so no riding vacuum cleaners today...

I read the screen, then hit the blue close button. Now I have to confirm my navigation!

Good grief.

If I "stay on this page", the poop screen comes back at me, if I click "leave this page"  nothing happens. I know.

I tried both. Back and forth.

After trying 10 or 20 different things to appease the technocrats, I GAVE UP. Smiling and slowly counting did nothing for the machine.

I had to shut down the entire computer, then restart. That took a long time and I lost my train of thought. Well, isn't this just super efficient?

Technology... the word I am beginning to love to hate...

Describe What You Were Doing When You Got This Error...

Are they serious?

Dear Blogger Support or Bogger Help Group,

I can't find either one of ya, so I think it hardly matters WHAT I was doing when I "got this error".  But if you must know, I was sitting at my desk, drinking coffee with a bit of el cheapo Irish Cream, staring out the window while alternately typing with both hands or petting the puppy beside me with one hand, pondering "when are they going to make vacuum cleaners you can ride on?" when I "got this terror."

As soon as I typed "got this terror"...  the blanketty blank screen pooped another techno turd...

Another 10 minutes wasted...

I give up. I am too frustrated right now. The techno turds win! Mermaid loses. 

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  1. That's what ya get when there are no real people behind any of these programs. It's all automated and supposedly artificially intelligent enough to make sense to humans. It can make you crazy trying to get out of one of those loops.


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