Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Sleepy Hand and Busy Harbors

I bounced around inside and outside for a few days, doing tons of work around the motorhome, then today woke up in a complete fog, getting next to nothing done.

I was writing for a little while, but for some strange reason my hand has gone completely asleep making it downright hard to concentrate.


Back later.


Angels from afar sent me this picture today. It's a current shot of Sopers Hole in West End, Tortola in the Virgin Islands.

Some days I am terribly homesick for the beloved islands I spent decades messing about on boats afloat and far flung ports. Shown here is a harbor in the Virgin Islands that I first visited in 1980 as a tourist. I was working and living in South Carolina, with zero plans of changing a thing about my life. I had a good solid career, I owned a lovely home, I traveled on vacations with a passport. I was living the dream.

If somebody had looked into my future and told me that I would change careers seven years later living out of a seabag while crewing professionally on luxurious sailboats in the Caribbean, I would have laughed myself silly, telling them to get a new crystal ball, their's was broken. 

But this bay became a frequent stop for clearing customs and immigration for nearly three decades. I came to know just about everybody in and around this harbor. 

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