Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Techno Challenged

Programs and websites changing so fast, I am confused. Computer acting up despite me trying to calm it down. I think we're on info overload. I just wanted to take care of a few things on the internet, not take up a new career of learning all new programs and websites, while dodging in-your-face ads. It's maddening.

My phone is suddenly under attack with a barrage of wrong numbers coming in as well as telemarketers despite me being on the DoNotCall list.

It works  like this;
My cell phone seems to go silent when folks I want to hear from are calling me (read that friends!) therefore they get voice mail and hours later I find out I have voice mail even though the phone was with me and it never rang when they called. It went straight to voice mail. These are my friends who can't seem to connect with me, thanks to my wacky cell phone provider.

But then again, other times the phone is ringing, I answer even though I don't recognize the number, figuring someone I know has changed their number, but no it's people looking for people that I don't know. Lots of them! Lots of wrong numbers! These calls manage to come through! This is something new, it started happening recently and it's stressing me out a bit. How do the wrong numbers get through and my friends can't?

Some are real head scratchers. One person called me demanding to know who I was and I kept asking "Who are you calling?" It was like a standoff of them asking who I was and me asking who are you calling. Over and over and over. Finally I said "If you don't know who or why you are calling this number, then please hang up, delete this number and don't call back."

I've told them that three times now.

Finally I decided to just have some fun with wrong numbers. Maybe I could give these wrong numbers a happy ending...

Today someone called and asked for Matt.


I've had at least a dozen phone calls for Matt, one a day from the exact same person. I keep telling them this is not Matt's phone number. It sounds like it's the same person who refuses to reprogram their phone and remove my number.

Today I said "Matt won the lottery, changed his phone number and moved to Honolulu."

Then I hung up.

An hour later someone called and asked if I was Julia. Good grief, it's my 3rd call for Julia just this week and it's only Tuesday.

I said "Julia had the winning raffle ticket for an around-the-world cruise. Call back in 8 months when she gets back."

I might have even figured out how to get rid of a certain telemarketer who has called repeatedly to offer to put a free alarm system in my home if I will put his sign in my yard.

My cheery comeback was "This is a satellite phone on a yacht in the Pacific en-route to Tahiti. Your phone bill is going to be enormous if you keep calling us."

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  1. You're good! The only way to deal with people like that and keep your sanity is to have fun with them.

  2. I have someone texting me looking for someone named Jazz. They won't believe I'm not Jazz. Wish I knew how to block their number. Idiots!


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