Sunday, February 16, 2014

Thursday the 13th

Today my email program crashed. Says I have to re-install the software but when I try it refuses. Opened up internet explorer to realize it had updated itself to something different. It's never ending, I am trying to do simple things on the internet but programs are changing so rapidly, I can't keep up.

Maybe this newfangled world is just too complicated for a simple old mermaid.

I seem to be off my game today. I set a mug of tea on the table, a moment later it was inexplicably in the floor. I yelled and cursed then felt really bad about that. It scared the poor little puppy dog. It's not like me to yell and curse but I didn't feel too well when I tumbled out of bed this morning. Shame on me. Puppy got lots of loving out of this.

Then I remembered to calm down with this easy method...
SMILE... Count to 10 slowly...

About a half hour later my breakfast ended up in the floor. On the rug. The entry mat. What a gawdawful mess that made. I said nothing and cleaned it up wordlessly.

SMILE... Count to 20 slowly...

Later in the day, I spilled a half gallon of purified water. Good grief. I cleaned up the floors with microfiber cleaning towels. These work really well in place of a mop... especially since I don't own a mop.

I've washed the floors twice now, first with green tea and next with purified water. Not my idea of a Thursday the 13th.

SMILE... Count to 100 slowly...

Outside, I noticed the high gusty winds we've had flipped over my bicycle. Incredible. It's been gusting over 40 miles and hour around here. I don't think my kickstand for my bike is designed correctly.

SMILE... Count to 1,000 slowly... 

Frustrated beyond belief, the dog and I set out in the c-c-cold and windy weather for the off-leash dog park. We went on foot and paw. It had poured down rain overnight, I had no idea how slushy and mushy the park could get. The grass was like walking on a giant living sponge.

Squish squish squish.

Not a soul at the doggy park. Harley didn't mind, he was sniffing around off-leash entertaining himself with a thorough inspection of everyone else's pea-mail.

That's when the rains came down.

When you least expect it.

Smile... Count to 8,742... 

The local tortoise was out walking too.


  1. take easy it ain't personal. by the way how do you know i'm not a robot? just remember you ahead of the guy in second place. besides it's 33 deg warmer there.

    peaceup. raz


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