Friday, August 08, 2014

Crying Rain Game

Not a fun game.

It's raining inside and outside. No fun.

Raining down through air conditioning unit too. No fun.

Hoping for repairs soon.

It all takes time and money. That dirty 5 letter word. Money. *sigh*

But an angel was visiting, and she scrambled up on the roof with my vinyl table cloth and threw that over the worst of the leaks. Wow!

Cabinets dumped out. Wet stuff everywhere.

Dragged the box fan in from the patio. It has broken legs. Cheap overseas junk, but it does move air, thank goodness, as long as it can be kind of propped up so it doesn't slam into the floor and go BAM!

My motorhome is sinking! SOS!

Well, life is goof.

At least I am not in a leaky cardboard box tonight. So life is awesome and I am very lucky indeed. I was fed, I had a leaky roof over my head and a bed to lay in. So all in all, I have absolutely no right to complain.

Find beauty in life.


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  1. Consider yourself very fortunate. My rv leaks over my bed... have to sleep in strange positions. Hope you can get it fixed. I can't afford repair on mine either :((


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