Saturday, August 09, 2014

Live So Deep

MERMAIDS Ride out the storms, Play in the waves, and Live so deep that Life takes their Breath away.
MERMAIDS Ride out the storms,
Play in the waves,
and Live so deep that Life takes their Breath away.
Mountain Meadows Pottery ceramic plaques
and wall art signs with sayings and quotes
about the beach and mermaids.
Made  in the USA.

Ain't it the truth... this little plaque saying surely suits my lifestyle.

But I am still praying for sunshine and repairs (or a miracle!) I had my little old motorhome all cleaned up and organized. Then the rains came, now it is torn apart with wet drippy stuff every where it doesn't belong.

Grumble, mumble, rumble...

Yesterday just before sunset, the rains finally stopped. Harley dog does not like to get his paws wet. But I refuse to buy him booties. I know he would wear them, but he can't put them on and take them off by himself. So, guess what, no booties for Harley. (Lazy me!)

I think he was a pampered fashion model in his past life. Never met a doggy until him that just loves to put on doggy clothes. He struts around when it's cool enough for him to wear a sweater or jacket or both. Showing him a sweater to don is greeted with wild enthusiasm usually reserved for a favorite toy. He has about outgrown his little rain coat and this seems to make him very sad. Rain makes him mope around like some body just ran over his mother.

So finally at sunset, it had stopped drizzling long enough that we went for a long walk. The shoreline wasn't near as muddy as I expected, more gravel than I recalled, so we tramped our way down the "new" shoreline. The lake level is dropping daily. We looked high and low for a suitcase of money (to fix the leaky roof) but what we found was garbage. So we picked up quite a few buckets of garbage and twelve cents. Yepper we found a dime and two pennies.

Well, it's a start!

Back in the dark ages, a friend of mine (who loves to tell this story) was out walking on a deserted beach in the islands. There was a big garbage bag, so they thought they would clean up the beach. They picked up the heavy bag to haul it off. They saw more garbage so they untied the knot in the bag to toss it in. But guess what. It wasn't a sack of refuse after all. Inside the black bag was $60,000 in wet twenties and fifties.

Can you imagine?

Oh man, what fun that must have been.

They didn't tell a soul (back then) but once the money had dried out, they opened up a small savings account and a big safety deposit box at the local bank. They were afraid to spend it! Everyone knew them as someone who was always juggling odd jobs to make ends meet. So they stashed the cash and kept right on working.

Talk about some serious self-discipline. I said to them, it reminded me of what my father used to say over and over. "If you come into extra money, just stash it away."

So to my dear departed dad, I want you to know, I've stashed away the 12 cents I found today!

Life is goof.

I can't clean because...I get distracted by all the Cool stuff I find. Mountain Meadows Pottery ceramic plaques and wall art signs with funny saying or quote. Made by Mountain Meadows Pottery in the USA.



  1. Funny that Harley likes outfits:) Our dog will run for cover if it sees them coming:)

  2. Dearmissmermaid,

    The air conditioner has a foam gasket between the top unit and the roof.

    It may be possible to compress it a little further to prevent leaks through the gasket.

    If you take off the inside shroud (usually two or four screws under plastic covers and the knobs need to be removed) then you can access the 4 bolts that hold the top unit down. Size 7/16ths or 1/2" bolt heads. Tighten each of them two full turns to compress the gaasket.

    Hope this stops that leak at least!

  3. Oh yeah, if the bolts are tight already the gasket is compressed fully. Don't tighten them further...


  4. Hi.I found a picture of you.

  5. Yepper, that's my pic! LOL!

    About those bolts on the AC roof... first I have to get up on the roof, something I've been avoiding. My body won't cooperate. My spirit goes up there, but I can't seem to drag the REST OF ME up there.

    Still working on this...

  6. The bolts are accessed from inside the motor home (no need to climb up on the roof). They are under the inside shroud - there are small screws holding the shroud in place. Once the shroud is removed, the bolts can be tightened. Hope this helps.


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