Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mermaid Crossing

THE GYPSY MEDINA David Delamare Mermaid Art Print
Mermaid Art Print by Tamara Kapan titled "Sweet Dreams"

THE WANING MOON David Delamare Mermaid Art Print

The Mermaid, by Henry O'Hara Clive

Mermaids - Three Mermaids Art Print Poster

No time to write. It's raining. I am living like a mermaid in a wet wheel estate. Rumor has it that help is on the way. Let's hope it's a good rumor! 

Meanwhile I've reorganized my storage so that the cabinets that keep getting wet are completely empty. All that stuff managed to fit elsewhere. Simply amazing!

Living on a super efficient budget these last few years has meant a failure to accumulate. Even so, I decided some of my dumpster diving had outlived its usefulness. Amazing what I've put to good use from garbage but some of it is truly wore out beyond further use. 

Some sentimental things are beyond being useful anymore, just taking up room. They've been captured in perpetuity by the miracle of digital photography. These too are finding new homes either through donation to a charity shop or the dumpster.

My first four years in the Caribbean I lived out of a seabag that kept getting smaller until it all fit into a modest backpack. Home was where I laid my head, typically on a yacht where I was employed as crew. It was a very good life.

Now is a good life too, just a bit wetter than I had anticipated, given that I am living on land in a little old motorhome. 

Life is goof. 

(it helps this author keep writing, sputtering and puttering)


  1. After looking at these prints, I am really sorry that in all my time on the water, I have not managed to see a mermaid:)


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