Wednesday, August 06, 2014

Whimsy and Art

Invisible Dirt

When I worked on fine yachts we cleaned a lot of invisible dirt. Basically everything that is ever touched by humans will eventually turn to dirt. The fingers have body oils that leave nearly invisible prints everywhere you touch. Left uncleaned, dust particles (which are mostly minute flakes of one's body falling off) will stick to the tiny bits of fingerprints left behind. Then the dirt shows up! But you probably already knew all that.

So last night I was up until way past 2 or 3am cleaning invisible dirt. I attacked the tiny kitchen at all angles, which is easier said than done. Because it is so tiny, I had to constantly move things to get to the dirt. I even unloaded my various spice racks, wiping each bottle. I had no idea how dirty they can get. I was equally amazed at the cruddy gunk on the shelves where the bottles normally sit. I polished wood (and fake wood) surfaces. I scrubbed the wallpapered wallboard, the stove, the microwave and anything else in my way with a magic eraser.

Living in 150 square feet for over 4 years can be tedious at times. But a little redecorating can give a breath of fresh air to a tired look.

Room for Art...

Sadly there isn't much room in a tiny motorhome for artwork. The manufacturers want to build a one-size-fits-all type of RV and they just don't leave much margin for individual decor. My motorhome is old, it's paid for, it's mine, so I feel like I can do anything I darn well please with it. Even at 3am in the midst of an insomniatic cleaning frenzy.

Underneath one of my dining seat cushions is some leftover tulips. Hmmm... It's astounding the crazy ideas I can cough up at the oddest times.

Perhaps there is room for art...

Let me look again.

Decorating on a Dime...

(Above) Red Tulips by Sigrid Muller Cost $2,150.00

(Below) Purple and Pink Tulips on my freezer door
in my motorhome *AHEM* I mean in my
"Wheel Estate"
Cost is One half of a $9.95 repositionable wall decal
(It can be removed without damage)

Amazing what a fruitloop like me can come up with in the wee hours of the morning on a sleepless night.

However, surprise, surprise, I woke up this morning to last night's hard work and this whimsical "artwork" that brightens up a bland but functional refrigerator. The tulip decal was actually much larger, but I didn't like the way it looked on the refrigerator door. So I held it up to the freezer and really like the faux framed look but the stems would have to be trimmed. Luckily I had a tiny very sharp cheese knife of all things. It was very easy to grip and precisely trim the tulip stems. Who's a thunk it?

So to Sigrid Muller, sorry I couldn't spend $2,150.oo with you, but for $4.97 I found room for gorgeous artwork in my little old wheel estate.

This particular decal is repositionable which means I had several opportunities to thoroughly mess it up royally before finally getting it adhered just the way I wanted it to look.

This and thousands of other decals are readily available at Amazon.

Oh and about those "leftover" tulips...

Awhile back I planted tulips under my bedroom window. After using up an entire sheet of them, I wanted a few more to round it out. So I bought another sheet of tulips. I thought I had used up all the tulips and stopped decorating. But later I realized I had leftover tulips, so I stuck them under the booth dining seat to keep them flat. Now they are on the freezer. See:

The View From Here.


  1. I really like the tulips on your freezer. Nothing like having fine art in the kitchen. lol

  2. Wao Miss Mermaid, I like your "Art on the cheap". The way the manufacturers sell their motorhome is boring at best. A nice way to freshen up a motorhome. I love your fridge.

  3. Love it!! Flowers always make you feel Happy!!!!

  4. Love it!! Flowers always make you feel Happy!!!!


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