Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Will The Wall Fall Down and Other RV Kitchen Misadventures

This is how my RV kitchen looked when I bought it in December 2009. It came with a nice clean boring wall with an empty paper towel holder. Over the years this has become my evolving canvas for functional whimsical decor.

A year or so later, I relocated the paper towels to above the microwave, then added an Amish utensil basket plus two rectangle baskets to hold spices and condiments. Notice the empty counter area behind the stove. Later I added an oak galley rail back there to hold even more spices and condiments between the installed rail and the window frame.
Oak galley rail (click for purchase info)

I really like this functional gadget:
Magnetic strip with 3 hanging hooks
My current wall has become a huge extension of my tiny kitchen.

Another sleepless night had me planting flowers in the tiny motorhome kitchen. I guess I just can't leave well enough alone. These irises were leftover from an outside project that went wrong. Well, not wrong, just that I didn't like the end result so I removed the iris decal. For several months they sat under a dining booth cushion while I contemplated what to do with them next.

At first I went with the full height iris decal. But then I noticed if I continued across the wall, I would just be looking at iris stems and not much in brilliant yellow blooms. Luckily this stuff is repositionable, so I peeled the flowers back off again.

This time I shortened the irises. Ironically I used a small sharp cheese knife to trim around the magnetic strip and the counter next to the stove cooker.

This is the final look with my usual clutter restored to the wall. You may wonder why I have so many pot holders hanging up. I've discovered they serve a dual purpose. Not only do they come in handy for removing hot stuff from the oven, stove, microwave or grill, but they do double duty as sound dampening when driving down the road. The tongs, iron fry pan and metal spatula hanging in front of the potholders can't create a noisy ruckus. Extra pot holders come in handy when I am feeding friends because I can set hot dishes on the outside table which is typically covered in a vinyl tablecloth that can sometimes melt if a pan is hot enough.

The next morning, I was treated to this cheerful new look in the kitchen. I guess a little redecorating hither and yonder, keeps me more or less sane (insane?)  in this tiny motorhome. It's also far cheaper than trading in for a different RV just because one is tired of the same old look. I rarely get to dine out so my galley is in constant use. Because I am trying to avoid sugars and chemicals, I do a load of cooking from scratch. It all takes time but I love my teeny tiny kitchen.

Life is goof.



  1. I think we will keep the wall clean while you're cooking good idea!

  2. I love how you made it look so colorful and happy looking!

  3. I love your renovations! You’ve been very playful with colors and organized with your kitchen utensils. Well, I do hope you checked the walls first to make sure they won’t fall down. Have you been redecorating the whole RV? I hope you’ll be able to show the changes you made. How about more before and after pictures? Thanks for sharing! :)

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV Center


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