Saturday, January 24, 2015

A Rubber What?

Saturday already. Sunshine and stiff winds with promises of c-c-c-cold weather tonight in the upper 30's (Fahrenheit). Yikes!

I haven't written much lately due to visiting company and my silly injury. My right arm doesn't want to do a thing without extreme pain. Since I am right handed this is a bit of a problem. I am healing nicely but I am unsure exactly how I hurt my arm. Did my doggy jerk it? Maybe. It's the only thing I can think of. Once in awhile he becomes overly enthusiastic and runs full speed ahead seeming to forget he is attached to me by a leash. Oops!

I've tried to stop him from doing this but once in awhile he "forgets". Because of my injury I've had to take a break from bike riding and I miss it. I am sure what teeny tiny bit of muscle I might have built up will quickly go to fat again if I don't stay on top of this.

At Dollar Tree (everything is $1) I bought a wrist support and some arthritis type lotion to try to heal my wrist and forearm plus another refreezable ice pack. Total cost $3. If I had gone to one of the major chain drug stores, I would have spent ten times that amount for the same products. Now I have two ice packs I can rotate around when I need to ice it down. I watched a video about beating pain and they mentioned soft tissue injuries should be treated with the RICE method.

RICE stands for

The first three I can easily do, but the fourth, well *ahem* I walk or stand around with my arm held high in the air for elevation. Don't do this while walking down the road. (If another taxi stops for me, I am going to collapse in giggles!)

Too funny!

Speaking of funny... here's some shots of my ridiculous pooch.

Harley Dawg enjoys a treat.

Harley dances in his dapper red vest.

Harley test drives the new bargain carpets by baby crawling from end to end to see if they are soft enough for his tender belly.
These new rugs aren't fluffy like the old ones, but I loved the colors which complimented the existing decor.

Speaking of carpets... awhile back I bought a rubber broom. Yes, RUBBER. 100% natural rubber. Now that is heaven on earth. It sweeps EVERYTHING including carpets. It can snare hair and fur right out of a throw rug or installed carpet. I often take my rugs out to shake the dirt off them outside. Then I am always amazed when I run over them with the rubber broom that it always clogs up fast with hair and fur. 

These new low pile rugs mean I can sweep them right in place with the rubber broom, snagging dirt and hair from both the vinyl tiles and the throw rugs.

Another huge bonus of owning a rubber broom is that it can sweep up the outside including wet leaves and pine needles. I have an outdoor patio mat I use while camping. Sometimes wet things want to stick to it, but this broom removes them instantly without effort. The rubber broom I chose came with a built-in squeegee. One can clean windows or corral spilt liquids. It also came with a telescoping handle that can go from 32 to 60 inches. This makes it super easy to store in my broom closet in the motorhome. If you've been reading my blog awhile then you know my broom closet is really the water closet (bathroom). 

For more information on this fantastic
100% rubber broom, click here. 


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  1. I want a rubber broom! I think your rugs are so pretty - love the colors. I hope your shoulder pain eases soon. That would be hard to endure for very long.

  2. I'm so happy to see you're not too ill. I wait patiently for you new blog. I think I've read all the old ones. I have 2 little dogs and enjoy anything that's food or Harley. I bought your book for my kindle and my dogs look at me because I laugh out loud so much. You have a wonderful gift.
    Till next time.

  3. Hop your arm heals quickly. I love that broom


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