Friday, January 09, 2015

Back To Bed

Poor doggy hasn't been to the dog park in 2 days. I can barely get out to walk him and I can't seem to climb on the bicycle today or yesterday, I am just way too weak. Even the days leading up to this, I was riding my bike, but then flopping down in bed afterwards, just completely drained. Everything I tried to do was just wearing me down.

Today, just walking the little guy up to the dumpster and back, with our garbage and recyclables was just exhausting.

In spite of my incessant hand washing, careful food preparation, and obsessive food storage techniques,  I seem to have acquired some sort of dreadful stomach flu. I know that's not really a flu, but some sort of virus. It has socked me a good one and I am just feeling so faded. It's like being seasick... without the boat.

Now that I think of it... a friend did take me out to a buffet recently. The food was delicious, but it was late that night that I started having problems. So maybe the problem isn't my kitchen but someone else's. Oh well.

I will never know where this malady came from, just that I can't wait for it to GO AWAY.

I am sick and tired of being sick tired.

I am hungry, but if and when I finally eat, it doesn't stay put. So then I get even hungrier.

No fair!

I am tired of this game.

A while back I bought some bouillon cubes for this type of emergency and I am so grateful I have them on hand. I have drank several cups of bouillon which I have grown quite fond of now. Also, yesterday a dear sweet soul brought me a huge Ginger Ale, which is also very comforting. I have pickled sushi ginger, which I am eating a bit of now and then. My fever comes and goes. I keep having to lay down and rest.

I cuddle up in a mountain of clothes and bed covers, then a few minutes later, I am throwing it all off again, to cool off. Then I am snuggling up again, to warm up. This is maddening!

Luckily Harley likes to do his doggy business around the dumpster area, so this helps us both out. I tried walking around the campground loops, way too pooped to attempt to walk to the dog park.

A sweet lady who recently lost her beloved dog, came running out of her RV to play with Harley and walk with us. I think she needed some doggy attention and well Harley isn't shy about showering his love on one and all!

She asked how I felt and well I lied, I said I was fine! She looked at me with a real puzzled look, I think she could tell I was dragging. She gave Harley treats and he sat down real polite like, pretending to have good manners. This tickled her, that he so gently took the treats. He can be a real cute doggy!

We parted ways and I came home to plop back in bed.


Speaking of Harley... I caught a pretty good pic of him recently!


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  1. Next time tell that nice lady how you really feel, and maybe she will enjoy Harley for an afternoon so you can rest! I have heard things about buffets that made me swear off ALL of them forever. I have no way of knowing if it is true or not, but supposedly tests of salad bar items resulted in many of them having urine on the lettuce and such. If it's that way with a salad bar, then it can be true of any kind of buffet. You'd think anyone involved in food service would wash their hands after using bathroom facilities, especially with all the signage in the restrooms. I'd stay away from buffets when you recover from this bout of illness. I hope you get well soon.

  2. Hope you get well soon. I live in Florida too, and it has been so cold!
    Keep Harley and yourself warm.

  3. i'm a master plumber. i've been around restaurants for about 50 years. i've never found one that i wouldn't eat in. they are all atrocious. laugh.

    if i was a cop, would never eat in one. the kids remember all the times the cops were assholes. which is most of the time. the kids will get even. good.

    feel free to use your imagination as to what the employes will do with the food. also to do the same with the customers. particularly kids. the kids aren't bad, they just act like they are at home. in other words they play in the food.


    get well as i don't have time to come to your funeral.

    ice cream raz

  4. Just thinking... I have a friend who eats out all the time and they are always having stomach and intestinal issues... just trying to put it politely. It doesn't take much to knock me out of whack. I am trying to get strong but my body has other ideas.


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