Monday, January 19, 2015

Beach Time Back Time

Life is funny.

I've been in Florida since early November and I haven't seen the ocean or beach yet. This part of Florida is way too picky about dogs on the beach. *SIGH*.

Who will I walk down the beach with, if not my best friend?

I think banning dogs from the beach is ludicrous.

Fortunately we spent 4 glorious weeks at Hunting Island in South Carolina where we walked and biked and played at the beach every single day but one.

The hardest part about careening around in a little old motorhome is reservations. There are places I want to be that others want to be too, and well if I don't nail down my schedule and reservations, then well I won't be there cause everyone else will be there. Nowadays just about 90% of the campgrounds require full payment at the time of reservation, so I am constantly juggling checkbook and wishfulness and calendar and madness and dreams.

Basically I am positively confused!


Here is my best friend running like the wind in the sea islands this past October.

Now that is sheer happiness!


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  1. I don't like making reservations because I change my mind too often.

  2. Beaches wouldn't be restricted if the humans were more responsible and clean up after their dogs.Heck,they don't even clean up after themselves.I know you're well aware of that after cleaning up after them yourself.

  3. Maybe you should consider boondocking more? There is so much wide open FREE places to camp.

  4. It is so hypocritical to restrict dogs from beaches but permit BP and other big oil companies to drill (and spill) millions of gallons of poison into our oceans. But they are worry about a little poop. How absurd.


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