Sunday, January 11, 2015


Another fabulous day in paradise. Nights are cold but days are warmer. Harley was thrilled when I uncovered the bicycle to do some work on it. After all was ready, I put him in his little basket up front with his safety leash. This keeps him from flying out of the basket should I make a sudden stop. Also, heaven forbid, should we be in a wreck, it keeps him from running off scared, possibly under the big wheels of a passing car.

Cars are my biggest fear. You can tell the folks that ride or own bicycles. They are very careful in passing. Others are so distracted and uncaring, they sometimes nearly take my elbow off! It's a wonder I make it home alive with clean undies.

I guess my bike riding to the dog park has inspired a few people. They see Harley riding up front in his basket like he is a prince being chauffeured around. So another small dog owner decided when he saw a bicycle car rack for cheap at the Goodwill store, it was time he brought his bicycle to the park. That afternoon he loaded up his wife, his dog and his bicycle on his new-used rack to come to the dog park. He figured his wife would watch the pup in the dog park while he tried his luck riding his bicycle around the park. 

As they were unloading at the bark park, a dog toy came tumbling out of his car. He bent over to pick it up and heard r-r-r-r-r-i-i-i-i-i-p-p-p-p-p followed by a fresh breeze on his derriere.

Yep, You guessed it. He had a wardrobe malfunction. No bike riding today. But his pooch was wildly excited about the bark park, so he had to stand around carefully with a jacket tied around his waist, holding the fence up while his dog ran and played.

I am always cobbling something out of nothing. When I prop up my bicycle with the kick stand, sometimes the dirt is so soft, it falls right over. At the beach, I learned I could use Harley's red Frisbee to disperse the weight over the sand and the bike would stay upright. Harley of course was crestfallen because he loves to play Frisbee. He didn't like me using his Frisbee to hold up the bicycle. 

Next I tried using a large coffee can lid, but it was a might too flimsy. So I found another large coffee can lid that was a smidgen smaller than the other. I super glued the two together. Now I had a sturdy disc for parking the bike on dirt. Harley is thrilled to have his beloved red Frisbee (shown in rear basket) available for playing again. 

If the dog park is empty, then I treat him to endless Frisbee until he is out of breath. For a little guy, he can sure drink a mountain of water when he plays hard. 

The view from the rocking chair...

I may not have a car, but I have a beautiful view and a bicycle. 

Life is goof!


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