Tuesday, January 06, 2015


Happy New Year! We are 6 days into 2015. So far I met all my resolutions. 

Well *ahem* I only had one resolution; wake up alive! Not sure if that qualifies as one resolution or 365, but either way, I am happy to be here!

Weather has been fantastic. The moon was full 2 nights ago. I tried not to howl at it, but I did marvel over the night time wonderland. Everything looks so surreal outside, especially the little pond that was reflecting the moonlight. Weather has been delightful, allowing me to run amok in bare feet around my campsite and in shorts when on my bicycle. Whee! This will change soon, but for now it's heavenly!

I like this campground, but it has a nickname... Wicki Wacky Wickham. If you've ever dealt with their chaotic reservation system, you soon find out the name is well deserved. But other than that, I enjoy this park immensely and find myself super thankful to be able to be here for the past 2 months. 

It's a good place for me to ride my bicycle. I wasn't able to ride the 5 months I was workamping this past summer and that was a huge downer. But that whole scene just wasn't safe at all. Folks seemed to thrill at running bicycles off the road into the bush and the roads themselves were narrow without any easements or sidewalks and all were uphill or downhill, many with narrow curves where traffic hogs the middle of the road.

Not sure I will be workamping in 2015. Any place I stay in the future, be it paid camping or workamping, I plan to utilize places where it's safe to ride my bicycle. This means there is a 90% chance I won't be going back to my old workamping situation. I loved it the years I was there, but this past season was super tough on me. Also between robbery and violence in the park with scant to no backup when bad situations occurred, plus the additional duties, it really wasn't suiting my abilities. In a nutshell, too much pain, stress and sometimes fear for what it was worth. I enjoyed volunteering, but the mountain of duties which seem to keep changing as they added more and more, well in the end, it seemed I had little time for anything else at all and I just wasn't up to the physical labor demands being added. I think they want young athletes to work, but how many young athletes can live in a motorhome and volunteer that much time?

I don't foresee me ever able to actually run errands on my bicycle like grocery shopping, but never say never, it could happen. Traffic is still pretty terrifying to me. However, around the campgrounds and parks, where the speed limit is posted much lower, I am able to get around without too much terror. Much of the year, I am camping in far flung places where shopping is so far away anyhow, just that in the winter the past few years, I have been within a few miles of shopping. But after trying to ride in traffic and coming home a bundle of nerves, I've decided to not concentrate on that just yet. 

I did discover the few times I tried traffic, I was utilizing the sidewalk, but to cross streets, if there is a pedestrian button, to use that to stop traffic to get across. But still, folks like to right turn on red, and they forget to look out for us lowly bicycle riders. 

I am always cobbling something together. In this case I used a plastic bowl, some wire tires and an adjustable bungee cord to fashion a water bottle holder on my handlebars. Harley dog fills up the front basket and it's awkward for me to reach in the basket for the water and he doesn't like sharing his space. 

I am able to reach this water bottle easy enough, but I am still learning to hold on with one hand while taking a quick sip with the other. I go through A LOT of water riding my bicycle. I guess I breath too hard! 

Eventually I will find a water bottle holder I like that fits that I can use, but for now, my strange little contraption actually works fine. It's just ugly. But life ain't always pretty.

Life is goof!

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  1. if you don't need to work camp, don't. it appears to me that just about all the unpaid people get abused. i looked at it and it was ripe for abuse. in my case day labor looked to be a much better proposition. amazon or maybe national forests. whatever works for you.

    ice cream raz

  2. I have a ton of medical problems I am battling alternatively without traditional help, so a regular job is out of the question until things improve dramatically for me, at least when I volunteer they can't fire me, but they can make it plenty hard I guess. :(


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