Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Seeing Stars

Life is fantastic! The sun came up, I woke up alive and I did things I didn't want to do.

Defrosting the freezer in my motorhome is never fun, but my unit is not a self defroster so it's a thankless chore that must be done to keep the refrigerator happy. Last summer I set up the freezer to defrost with the door open in the hallway. I was planning to walk the doggy and come back to mop up the melted ice then restart the refrigerator. But I spilled my water bottle in the floor. While bending over to mop up the mess, I came up fast slamming my big hard head into the corner of the freezer door. I saw stars!

For weeks I had a huge painful lump just behind the hairline. Brushing my hair was super painful. I was also pretty goofy for weeks.

This time when I had to defrost the freezer I tied a red scarf around the door as a constant reminder to not get distracted again and whack my silly head. I can push the door back further towards the hallway, that is where it was when I slammed into it before.

Luckily this time, I managed to defrost the freezer without injuring my silly head. Thank goodness for small favors!  I really like the bright red scarf with white stars on it. I sometimes tie it around my forehead to ride my bicycle so my long hair stays out of my face and eyes. Dollar Tree carries festive scarfs now and then. They are always just a $1 which is easy on my efficient budget. I thought it was funny, that after slamming my head, I found a scarf with stars on it while out shopping for food. It seem like a fitting purchase.

Photographing the little pond across from my campsite amuses me. The reflection in the water reminds me of Renoir paintings.  I am super blessed to enjoy this view at my campsite.

Sometimes I take a photo of life on the road, life in the camp, to remind myself what a joy it is to wake up alive with a roof over my head and food in the fridge.

Other times the pic reminds me I need to seriously tidy things up! But in the case, you can easily tell I am living outdoors as much as possible. My bicycle and a visiting friend's bike are both propped up. There are assorted chairs in case of company and well I like to sit down. The afternoon sun is sometimes right in my eyes, hence I hung up an old white bed sheet that can be pulled across to block the sun from my eyes.

Life is goof.


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