Thursday, April 13, 2017

What's A Kid Sock Got To Do With It?

kid socks
I bought three pair of kid's socks for a dollar at Dollar Tree. Such a bargain!

Oh wait. I don't have a kid. Well, then it's not a bargain if you don't need it. It's just wasted money.

In my funny little brain what  I saw for a dollar was not 6 socks, but 6 soft flexible protective covers for adaptive aids.

magnifying glasses with uv
Magnifying glasses with a light is handy for teensy-tiny-itsy-bitsy print found on critical items such as  ingredient lists (what's REALLY in our foods) and directions on ointments, creams plus obscure pill and supplement bottles.

Ever noticed how many so called child-proof contraptions are in print big enough for a child to read but too small for an adult to see?

Then there are such lovely items as my huge spiral bound atlas. Where ever I am going is on the fold, in the middle of the spiral bound holes.  GPS is sometimes completely clueless about many areas in the country or in and around small towns.

Just last December I trusted my GPS (silly me!) to take me 120 miles from point A to B, but for some insane reason GPS sent me an EXTRA 94 miles out of my way. I felt very foolish when I discovered this. If I had just used my magnifying glass ahead of time, mapped out my route on the atlas then compared it to GPS, I could have possibly made the correct choices

Sometimes studying the atlas with a magnifying glass can make those lilliputian street lines and route numbers come to life in a more sensible way.
magnifying glasses with lights and assorted lenses
 Back to the socks. I have a magnifying glass with a light and 3 assorted lens. I was dismayed the magnifying lens never seem to come with a proper cover to keep them clean and scratch free. When I saw the child socks, lens cover sprung into my head.
magnifying glasses with lights and assorted lenses

My other magnifying light includes a UV light otherwise known as a  black light. This is useful for checking money  to make sure it's not counterfeit and other items that rely on UV light.

I had a friend drop by who ordered up this gigantic 24 inch pizza for delivery. It was daylight when we ordered but it arrived after dark. That is when we discovered my motorhome door is also 24 inches wide. Hilarious!

The total with tip came to about $35 so he handed the pizza delivery person, two twenty dollar bills and asked for a five dollar bill in change. The young woman handed out the five then vanished into the night, presumably to drive her car away. A few minutes later while we were laughing ourselves silly at the huge pizza box being the same width as my motorhome door, she came wandering up in the dark claiming we gave her a counterfeit twenty.

My friend said well he just got those from the bank that very day. I dashed inside my wheel estate looking for my magnifying glass with the UV light, while he was looking to hand her a different twenty. Back outside, I held the twenty she claimed was counterfeit under the magnifying glass with the UV light. The plastic strip embedded in the money lit up bright green. I asked her what method she used to test the counterfeit money. She shrugged her shoulders wandering off into the dark again.

While the UV light and strip is only one of about ten different methods used to tell whether money is counterfeit or not, it's one of the best tests, because it's deemed virtually impossible for forgers to duplicate.

You can read all about numerous ways to check your money from an article published on  the Secret Service website. You can download their article to have on hand for your own use at:
Know Your Money

Life is goof.

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  1. Thank you for the sock protection tip. We have two magnifying glass, both of which have a light to help.

    Do you have dandelions where you are? We watched Doug & Stacy this morning. She made a luscious sounding sandwich with cheese, dandelions and pineapple. My dear husband went out looking for dandelions which are not as abundant where we live. They are a tremendous superfood and FREE. Just be sure they haven't been sprayed with chemicals.

  2. Now that is a pretty clever cover up you discovered. The Magnifier that can tell counterfeit money is a gem in itself. They have found a way to over ride the pen test.


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