Sunday, April 16, 2017

The past four and a half months I have been camping at Wickham Park in Melbourne, Florida. It's an odd county owned parked that is managed ambiguously.

Now the fun part begins, packing up my outdoor living so it all fits in my little old wheel estate, say my prayers and hit the road.

While many snowbirds glamping in the park already fled Florida in search of their bricks and sticks home in the north, I am fleeing southerly in search of bargain rents.

This post was interrupted by a sudden:
BLACK SCREEN (not the dreaded blue screen but a black screen which seems worse than a dreaded blue screen)

An hour later... I typed the above and below. I have no idea what's wrong with my computer but I hope to keep it working a few more years. (Purdy please!)


Well, to make a long story longer...
20 minutes later, the internet springs back to life.

I was going to say I guess that makes me a sun bird rather than a snowbird. (I am fleeing southerly in search of bargain rents.)

So there might be a hiccup here on the blog while I pack up, or while I travel, or while I unpack, or while I battle with an erratic computer and a dicey internet.

I just want simplicity.

But life is sometimes overly complicated.

Oops, blogger just crashed.

See you round the campfire!
Um, maybe not... there is a ban in place.
See you round the campfire ashes of... yesteryore.

Life is goof!

Thank you for the wonderful birthday!

Thank you for stopping by
Thank you for Shopping

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  1. Thought you always took off for the Carolinas for the summer.No bargain rents there?


Life is goof!