Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Hit The Road Not The Tree photo copyright by dear miss mermaid

We are heading out early in the morning to keep our appointment for urgent motorhome repairs. I am hoping this will give us back our freedom to occasionally roam.

Of course this is assuming we survive the heat wave, the new driver and the final cost of the bill.

how to drive an RV with cruise control photo copyright by dear miss mermaid


  1. Well I hope you survive it all and get to roam all you can.

  2. No posts for a few days? Hope repairs didn't take the life out of you and Monkey! Been lurking to see what you thought about the recent NOAA announcement that there is no proof that mermaids exist. I was hoping for a rebuttal since I know that they do and have enjoyed her company on a few occassions. Take care and give that little beast a hug for me :)

    Troutman in Limbo


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