Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Last Day of July

I finally figured out how to do a before and after picture, so here goes!

stained glass bathroom window in RV motorhome by Dear Miss Mermaid copyright by http://DearMissMermaid.com

If you decide to use the Artscape window film on your window, be sure to follow the directions. They are very clear.  The finished product came out just like it should. I am so used to things going wrong. I used scissors because I didn't have a box cutter. I sort of wish I had waited until I got a box cutter, but I was excited, plowing forward. Everything else I did exactly as they instructed.


Wednesday is the full moon and August will have a blue moon too. I am shocked it is going to be August already. I am still finalizing my winter plans, which is to say I have none, but I can't freeze up here either.

Well, I do have reservations in a park in case I don't find workamping. But since my engine, transmission and brake repairs recently cleaned me out completely, I am not sure I have enough left over to leave town, much less to pay rent. But time will tell.

Money grows on trees doesn't it?  Maybe some will bloom...

I have stories and chapters for several books piled up all over the place. Seems like I need to pull it all together and get it to market. Easier said than done. It seems my brain is starting to settle back down.  Gee whiz, it's been three years give or take, I knew it would heal.  But sometimes I must appear like a blubbering idiot.

Some days the words are trapped inside, I can see them in my mind and can't spit them out verbally. It's hilarious when others treat me like the fool I must appear to be. Other days I can put pen to paper while appearing to be a deaf mute. But luckily sometimes I wake up bubbling over, ready to talk, the brain is in gear and there isn't anyone around, so the poor dog has to listen to my blubber.

Recuperation slows me down. I never know when I will be struck down again, but I do get up early with a smile on my sleepy face.

Recently I had company staying with me who was graciously helping me with oodles of projects. I was cooking and cleaning, trying to make them comfortable especially since they were breaking a sweat trying to help me and my little old motorhome.

Every time my friend tried to do the dishes, I would say "No, no, no, it works so much better for me to wash the dishes and you do the carpentry work. If I do the carpentry, we will have a BIG mess on our hands!"

For years I worked as a private chef on yachts and in upscale vacation villas. Many didn't have dishwashers, so I was used to washing mountains of dishes.  Fine dining requires many dishes, even when there was a dishwashing machine, it was so slow it barely made a dent in the mountain leftover for me to do.

One night recently, after dinner my friend and I  sat outside staring at the stars while chatting away. I never did the dishes and admonished my friend to leave them alone. The dirty crockery could and would wait until morning without growing legs and walking away.

The next morning, I got up to make coffee, but it was already made. The dishes were washed and piled up air drying in the rack. My friend and the dog were gone. Awhile later they came back from a walk. I was all apologetic for sleeping late, and thanking my friend repeatedly for washing the dishes, making the coffee and walking the dog.

He gave me a puzzled look claiming he did nothing of the sort. Matter of fact, he opined I got up around 3 or 4am, washed all the dishes, made coffee, reorganized the fridge,  then went back to bed. He said it was the smell of the coffee that briefly woke him up. He says he spoke to me, but I didn't answer. Just washed all the dishes, emptied out the fridge,  reloaded it,  then climbed back in my bed without a word.

We had a good laugh over that!  I remembered nothing of the sort. But here again, the fridge was organized in the manner I prefer.

The dishes were piled up in the chaotic improbable way I stack them into the tiny  dish drainer.  It definitely looked like my handiwork.

Very strange!  Am I sleep working? Wow, maybe I could get a night time dishwashing job. I will just sleep and wash. Kill two birds with one stone.

Next I want to tackle window washing in my sleep. I so hate washing windows on this RV, they just seem to torture me by refusing to come clean.  I blame it on the hard water from last winter that seems to have stained them.

Sounds like a good excuse to me!


  1. That window treatment is really rather awesome. I don't think I've ever seen that particular remedy. Nicely done.

  2. I love the new window treatment. It looks like a totally different bathroom. It adds such nice color and personality to an otherwise plain RV bathroom. Awesome!!


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