Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hostage Situation

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Hostage Situation One
The camera has inexplicably stopped working and is holding my pictures hostage. At one point it said "battery dead"  but refuses to let me recharge it. Never had this happen before with this camera. It's waterproof and shockproof. Dang.  I will continue to try magic to get it to recharge the battery and spit out my pictures.

Hostage Negotiations in progress...

As for urgent motorhome repairs, I've been so busy with other hostage situations that I've called in for reinforcements.

Hostage Situation Two
Plates, Bowls, Coffee Mugs, Mixing bowls, dog dishes held hostage.
Underneath my motorhome's refrigerator is a big drawer. The refrigerator is built-in above the drawer. Sure a floor to ceiling fridge would have been nice, but not the case. The great big drawer underneath the fridge has always been the most convenient place to keep my plates, bowls and coffee cups. There just isn't another cabinet or place that is as handy as that drawer for the dishes.

The drawer has managed to lock itself so that I can not get to the dishes anymore. Funny, because this drawer doesn't have a lock. But the drawer is holding the dishes hostage.

Hostage Negotiations in progress...

Hostage Situation Three
Mail held for ransom.
The US Mail system is somehow randomly delivering some mail but returning critical mail, like the mail that was remailed to me from a Florida address to my current Georgia address. Twice now postage for delivery has been paid to have that package of mail shipped to my current address. Twice it has been inexplicably returned. In order to get the package, I will have to pay for the shipping for the third time. Talks with the Post Office have not resolved this situation yet. They claim they mailed me a change of address letter with a critical tracking number on it and without this number, my address can not be changed in the bowels of their computer system.

Me thinks "This does not compute. "

Mail is still currently stuck in Florida and now  three months old. 

Hostage Negotiations still in progress...

Hostage Situation Four
Motorhome held hostage by water connection. My  "city" water connection was on so tight, it couldn't be removed.  I became so flustered because I had an appointment to go to. My left arm lacks strength, I've been having problems with it for quite awhile now. I drive the motorhome as my private car, since um, well I don't have a car.  I was so hopping mad after struggling for an hour to undo the water connection that I am considering a knife to slit its throat... um slit the water hose.

"Hello?  I am late for my appointment because my water hose isn't long enough for me to drive there..."

Appointment postponed, hostage negotiations underway.

Stay tuned...


  1. You really are having a terrible time. You can bet I would have just cut the hose!

  2. Any chance you have annoyed someone who could cast a spell on you:)

  3. Oh I'm not having a terrible time at all and no spells have been cast upon me. I still have a roof over my head and food in the fridge. Everything else is just fluff.


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