Thursday, July 12, 2012

July 12 2012

Laundry and repairs. Oh what fun!

That's a string of lights hanging behind the laundry line. Just in case I want to hang or unhang laundry at night...

Since my friend is visiting here, we are busy trying to repair things that require 2 heads, 4 hands and 1 dog. Mostly we laugh a lot and dream up the perfect invention, wondering why no one has made a what-cha-ma-callit already.

Puppy tries to help us with the projects.  He sniffs around inspecting everything to see if it comes up to canine code.

Several days of heat wave, followed by thunder storms and drenching rains. I saw the most awesome lightning show.

Lake Hartwell and the park has been quiet the last few days around here. The cicadas are out in full force at night, sounding like an orchestra.

I found a small snake skin on the other side of the driveway. *Shudders*  I don't like snakes. For a fearless adventuress... I have my moments.

Harley dog is thrilled to have his buddy around to torture and play and walk and run and race and chase with.

I'm wore out, all this fixing and rigging and repairing is exhausting.

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