Monday, July 02, 2012

Washing Black Stuff

camping chair photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
Harley dog was madly in love with his outdoor play chair until I had company. We were having coffee.  (The humans, not the dogs.)  Somehow a cup of java was split on his quilt, in his chair.

Oh the dirty looks he gave us!

He was very indignant.  He refused to have anything more to do with his chair or quilt. He even relocated his toys.

After our company left, I washed his quilt for him, then put his camp chair out in the sun to dry out. This was rather convenient the next day when he wanted to watch me work.

Work fascinates him. He could watch it all day.  I got this fool idea to wash the wheel estate.
Rv wheel estate , 1994 tioga montara 28 foot photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
It's driving me insane. I can't do it all in one day. Or one week.  I've been washing on it for months now, and I'm still not finished. 

These black spots won't come off. I tried everything including all my usual homemade concoctions. I've tried all sorts of products others gave me to use too.

Meanwhile I tear my hair out more often than wash.

Recently I bought some magic erasers. That took the maddening black spots off the RV. It actually looks clean now.

YAY!  Yippie!  Yabbadabbadoo!

Um, well... the section I cleaned looked great.

RV and Harley, photo by Dear Miss Mermaid
As temps pushed over 100F, Harley and I were chased indoors. 

A toy on every rug!

A dog's dream come true!  Since he comes inside with me to hide from the heat wave, he has been loving on his new rug. The rug in the background is much smaller, it's the entry rug, so that is probably why the dog smells funny when he plays there, I wipe my bare feet on it!
RV and Harley photo by Dear Miss Mermaid

Harley has multi-directional back legs. He lays around like his legs are broken but they are just double or triple jointed.

He can flip them out backwards, then crawl on his belly with just his front paws. I want to capture this on video one day.

He truly looks pathetic when he does that, as if he has crossed a desert for his last sip of water.

More later, we are both pooped.


  1. That's funny that he wouldn't have anything to do with the coffee aroma.

  2. I love magic erasers!!!! They can clean stuff that nothing else would touch. Our fifth wheel needs a good scrubbing also but with the 100+ heat we have been having it will just have to wait.
    Stay cool and have a great day!

  3. Magic Erasers are a marvel! I only needed 2 products to do apartment turnovers (past life): Magic Erasers and water softener. (Water softener is cheap, biodegradable, no noxious fumes and cleans anything!!)


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