Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Funny Stuff

Yesterday under comments:

Gypsy said...I have heard of jobs requiring a picture along with your resume. Wonder if it is age discrimination or what. This wasn't a job with the US Parks or other recreational systems, was it?

My answer:
NO.  Never had a problem dealing with the government on workamping and volunteering as far as them demanding pictures before considering me.

This was a privately owned  RV park that wanted pics. I was crestfallen, because people that think they can judge a workamper based on a picture of them and their rig are sorely mistaken.

It conjures up small minded people who judge a book solely by its cover.

Granted we all want to make great first impressions...  I would have preferred they accept and read my resume and letter of introduction first. Then claim I was one of the chosen few and therefore they wanted to see pics now.

But let's face facts. Neither me nor my RV are going to win the beauty queen contest. Even my bark ranger partner is goofy looking.

How it happened did seem rather odd to me...  I heard about the situation, I sent a letter of enthusiastic inquiry. They wrote back for more info, including insisting that only applications with pictures were being considered.  They also were  claiming a decision would be made at a later date.

I spent a day or so polishing up my resume, had a pic of me made, found a nice one of the RV, then sent the whole mess off. I received an immediate reply that the position was already filled. So much for the "later date"!

It left me with a WEIRD feeling, like nobody paid any attention to my resume at all.

On the other hand...  I happen to know that many people think nothing about sending off ten or twenty or thirty year old pictures of themselves!  So the last laugh may be on the RV park, IF, they picked someone that sent them a very old picture.  Ha ha!


Speaking of  the goofy looking bark ranger...

Bark Ranger by Dear Miss Mermaid

He had company today!  He was so excited he put on a circus show. He acts like he is up for adoption, and wants to suddenly pull out every trick he ever thought he knew.

These are the  exact same tricks he refuses to do on command...

However if an audience appears, he will gleefully do dancing, singing, spinning, crawling, bowing,  ricocheting, flying, twirling, walk on two legs, dance on two legs, perform back flips, ball fetching, toy fetching, three-sixties and endless kisses.  He will parade down the picnic bench like he's on a balance beam, he will show you how he can flop on his belly and crawl like a baby. He will bounce in and out of his camping chair, the one with the quilt, and tug at his quilt with his mouth, as if to say "Here, look at me!  I have a quilt in my chair!"

If you dare to ignore him, then he will start to grab his toys one by one and bring them over to show you. If they squeak, he shows you how, or he shakes them in his mouth, then lets one fly sideways.

After our company left. He let out a big long sigh, sat down and thoroughly ignored me.



  1. Their loss!! A better opportunity will appear, life is like that.

  2. Sorry I didn't see this post earlier. I wonder if they wanted a picture so they could be sure to get someone who was relatively young as well as white. Asking for a photo is just a way of getting around laws against discrimination, in my opinion.


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