Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Famous and The Infamous

Dear Miss Mermaid. - This may not be the proper venue, but I just have to know - Is  Hurricanes & Hangovers  for real?!?  Specifically: "The Regulars" - Did that really happen to poor Richard?   What a story!  If so, it's Truth stranger than Fiction.  Too bad it was so tragic, otherwise it would be hilarious!  Must have been tough to figure out whether to laugh or cry, but looks like it was the event that propelled you on to the rest of your life's adventures.  I'm going to have to introduce your book to friends of ours who who "retired" to full time on a sailboat.  I love your non-prejudicial style of writing of alternative lifestyles and lack of acrimony toward the less "flexible" who I'm sure gave you grief at times.  If this is, indeed, largely autobiographical, I'm very impressed with your moxie and independence.  Specially for a "gull".
Anyway, just wanted to say I'm enjoying it and identify with much of it from my much younger days.    Things sure were different in the 70's!  Fun times.  Glad you survived them.  
Signed,G...  (name removed to protect the guilty innocent)

The 70's?  How old do you think I am?  *GASP*

However, in all fairness,  I did first set foot in the Caribbean in 1979 but I continued to work and live in America until 1987.

Indeed, I do get some interesting messages!  Just thought I would publish this one that came in recently by way of a public forum.   I ended up emailing "G"  so as not to spoil the book or story for other readers. :)

But just in case you missed it... the back cover of Hurricanes & Hangovers states "While many stories are based on truth, characters and scenes have been disguised and fictionalized to protect the guilty, the famous and the infamous."

Hurricanes and Hangovers(and Other Tall Tales and Loose Lies from the Coconut Telegraph) by Dear Miss Mermaid

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