Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Big City

I have briefly left workamping to visit friends in the big city while taking care of business and health.

They suggested I park in their ample yard beside the gravel drive. Per their suggestion, I gently backed up and alternately went forward about 10 times, until I found the perfectly level spot.

Whew!  What luck. Angels watching out for me.

I ran a heavy duty cord to a 110 outlet on the side of their house, with an adapter for my 30amp cord. Years of living on boats taught me to memorize the wattage of most all appliances and gadgets, so I never trip a breaker.

So far so good!


  1. I get so worried about how much power I can use, I generally just use very few appliances. I was forever messing up the first year of RVing when I would turn on an appliance and the power would go out. Now, as a tent camper, I don't worry about any of it!

  2. hope you are doing better! Post again soon!

  3. I can't use my a/c where I am now till we get the power issues resolved. So I'm sleeping on a sofa in a house...waaaahhhh, I loves me RV more than ...oh tell me to hush. At least I have a place to stay huh?


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