Friday, August 10, 2012


Life in the big city can get chaotic or so it seems. I've been super uber busy juggling ideas for the fall and winter. It's nice to take a tiny break from workamping, though the weather has been very stormy.

I've been trying to put together a simple resume.  Sounds easier said than done. My past endeavors are so eclectic. All my work history I was self-employed or working under contract.  Sometimes I was juggling assorted endeavors at once.

Several years when I was living on my sailboat in the Virgin Islands, I was going out on week long charter yachts as chef and crew. Other times I was working in spectacular villas as a private chef for vacationers. In between those two positions, I was catching up accounting for a popular nightclub.  Once my sailboat refit was finished, I was doing specialty charters and/or sailing lessons  for 1-2-3 nights with 1-2-3 passengers. I have never had a steady salary, a direct supervisor or corporate perks. But up until I landed in the hospital in late 2009, I had no trouble at all earning a living. Life just rolled along and I stayed very busy.

Oh to have that boundless energy again!

I keep plodding away at my recuperation, trying to recapture that vitality. It's been slow going, but hey, here I am still alive, slugging away trying to balance convalescence with writing and workamping. Final stages, end stages, those are medical terms I would like to toss out the window.  I think they are designed to cause stress and depression.

Would it kill the medical community to sound a tad upbeat and positive once in awhile? And put those prescription pads away. It seems the doctors now are just government approved drug pushers. With a tiny bit of research many medical problems can be corrected by adjusting the diet.  But shopping in modern grocery stores is maddening. Everything seems so heavily laden with sugars, chemicals and big complicated words that surely don't sound like anything healthy to eat. Ditto for the majority of restaurants. OK, let me climb down off my soapbox and go walk the dog...


If I toss enough things in the air, will a rabbit pop out of my hat?

Mind over matter.

If I tell myself a thousand times that it will get better...  it keeps me occupied.

And it does get better and better and better...  I am so lucky!

Just late yesterday I received some encouraging news about possible workamping in a desired location. I hate to let on much about it, in case I am not their first choice. But I've been playing phone tag with a certain person who indicated they might have something for me and my little bark ranger.

Seek and ye shall find. I've been on a wild scavenger hunt for sure.

Maybe I can pull an endless scarf out of my mouth next.

It's been storming with the motorhome rocking and shaking, the rains coming down like sheets across the windows. Little puppy dog still needs to go out and do his business. He hates the rain, doesn't like getting his tiny feet wet. He wants little dog boots. I keep telling him,  that's not happening anytime soon.

If I let him, he will overspend his allowance. Tsk tsk tsk. Poor little puppy has no concept of money. Probably because he has no pawkets to keep any.

He is miffed that he has outgrown his raincoat.  I still put it on him, but more of his rear end gets wets that when he first got it. When we come back from our rain soaked walk, he is thrilled at the time and attention I give him, rubbing his paws and fur dry before he can romp around his rolling dog house again. He is shivering and shaking, so I put a T-shirt on him. It seems so silly to put a sweater on him in August!  But the T-shirt makes him happy, then he climbs under the pillows to nap.

Life is good. A bit wet, but lovely all around. My life is like these chairs...   pointed in 4 different directions at once!

workamping photo by dear miss mermaid


  1. You are SO right about doctors being drug pushers. I decided I'm not seeing any more specialists, and maybe my doctor once a year for blood tests to see where I stand. I've really been trying to eat only organic, plus mostly fish, and I actually do feel more energetic and healthy. Who cares if it's all in my mind or not.

    I hope you get a workcamping job that you like. I think you could translate the jobs you've had into a pretty impressive resume. If we're talking work skills rather than just fancy words on a page, you have what it takes! Good luck.

  2. All these fancy skills and the number one chore for many workamping assignments is janitorial work. Shame the campground owners and managers can't think outside the box more often.

  3. My little brother gave up on doctors after a year of "specialists" and drugs that weren't working. He bought a juicer and did some research on food remedies and cured himself in 6 months! It can be done!

    ("...he has no pawkets!" Tee hee hee!)

  4. When we cut ourselves, our body heals the cut. We help it with bacitracin. Why can't we help our bodies heal our ailments instead of artificially fixing them totally through drugs? Then the body gets confused and never heals itself.

    Don't get me going about doctors and drugs.

    I hope you are ok.

  5. I don't know-this Hydrocodone feels pretty good right now :) Got through surgery and got to go home a day after so Life is Good here as well! Hope to see you all soon.

    Troutman (still I hope)

  6. western medicine, doctors and's all a racket...and the side effects are enough to scare the poop out of you...proceed with caution, my dear.
    kitty kiss


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