Sunday, August 26, 2012

Parts Flying

While I was drinking tea, a back tooth broke off and fell out.   The window shade over the door did the exact same thing.

Is this sort of thing contagious?  

I guess the motorhome and I are getting on with our years. 

The window shade is only 18 years old.  It's a nice heavy cloth type shade with a strip of brass trim on the bottom edge. I can't decide whether to repair it or replace it. So far, that's been a lovely excuse to do nothing about it at all.

Nobody around here to peek in my windows anyhow. But at some point soon, I will be back in campgrounds where privacy is desirable after dark. Especially if you have neighbors twenty or thirty feet away. I have stayed in campgrounds where the neighbor was barely 8 feet away from my window.

Maybe it is because I live alone that I prefer to pull all the shades down after dark so from the outside you can't tell how many humans are inside. My little dog does have his big-dog bark he reserves for late night usage if someone is coming too close. 

Before I had the dog, someone frightened me in a campground one night. It was a privately owned RV park,  but for some reason the owners assigned me a spot far away from everyone else. To this day, I still wonder about that.   Incredibly, in the middle of the night, someone was knocking at my door.  It did unnerve me. So in a loud voice I said "Honey get the gun while I check the door!"  I heard running foot steps.  Of course I had no intention of opening the shades or the door. 

Speaking of late night visitors...

This happened two winters ago. I was camping for about 8 weeks in a park that had many long term residents, several who were heavy drinkers that frequented a bar in walking distance. My RV faced a grassy lot close to the slender road leading to the long term resident RV's.

It was cold and late at night. I was sitting up in bed, eating popcorn out of big bowl and watching a movie on my little laptop. There are always unpopped kernels of corn at the bottom of the bowl. I have a habit of tossing these out the window for the birds or chickens to eat. I say this because in the Caribbean I had an apartment where the landlord kept free range chickens in my yard. They would squawk and race over to devour the corn kernels. 

That same landlord also kept miniature ponies, monkeys, dogs, cats, parrots and cockatoos in addition to the roaming chickens and occasional goat. 

But back to the RV park...

When I finished my popcorn, I opened up the window next to my bed, slid open the screen, then tried to toss the kernels of corn out of the bottom of the bowl by flicking the bowl with my wrist. 

Well, I lost control of the bowl. It bounced merrily across the small grassy lot in the dark of the night.  I closed the window, screen and shade feeling very foolish. My bed was warm, cozy and comfy.  It was 38F degrees outside. I didn't fancy getting dressed, putting on socks and boots to go fetch the bowl at that odd hour, so I left it out there until morning. Who steals a big old dirty bowl in the middle of the night?

Around noonish the next day, a very hung over man appeared at my door apologizing through stale alcohol laden breath,  for the noise he had made the night before. He was very sincere with his apology, which thoroughly puzzled me as I explained to him, I had not heard a thing and had no complaints. 

He said "Oh, well I thought you  threw that bowl at me because I was walking home from the bar making too much noise!  I carefully tiptoed the rest of the way home, afraid of disturbing anybody else and getting hit with a fry pan next!"


Our late night park visitor that I chased off the other night with my long, loud, blaring horn has not found reason to return.  

Yesterday,  the sun was out and my laundry was piled up. I washed until I ran out of clothes line and clothes pins. I used hangers for some of the clothes, hanging them on the line.  I guess I got such a late start, that nothing was dry by bedtime save for a token  few lightweight items.

So I left my clothes out overnight, hoping the deer didn't run past and snag my laundry for antler decorations.   

This morning I looked out the window when the sun came up and there is some of my laundry, dragging in the infamous Georgia red mud. It rained overnight making the clothes on my hangers too heavy, so they dragged their hems in the  red mud. 

Good grief. 

Do I look like I need all this aggravation today?  Broken tooth, busted window shade, muddy clothes...

I forgot to do anything about the clothes.  I think the coffee haze clouded my mind. 

The sun came out in full force, so by 11am, the hanging clothes were 10 inches above the mud, all nice and dry. So if you see someone walking around the park with a bright orange hem on her clothes...  that might be me. 

Especially if I am carrying a tiny dog. 

Yesterday the puppy dog and I were both pretty sick.   Still I tried to take him for a walk. But every few feet, he would just sit down or lay down. I picked him up and he just collapsed in my arms like his unstuffed raggedy teddy bear  toy that he won't let me toss out with the garbage.  Believe me, I have tried and I end up with a whimpering crying puppy keeping vigil on the garbage. 

We went for a short walk with me carrying his limp body. I kept setting him down at suggested areas he might like to water or fertilize. He would just lay down and close his eyes. Poor wittle thing!  We both seem to have caught a bug that is making us feel very unwell.

I cradled him back in my arms as we came back home, turned on the air-conditioning and went back to bed. I so hate doing that on a beautiful day but I felt awful. He felt awful. About an hour or so  later,  I got up to start on the small mountain of laundry while puppy continued to lay on my favorite pillow looking oh so pathetic. Between little loads of laundry, I got out his brush and groomed him. He seemed to enjoy this a lot. Might as well look good, even if you're sickly. 

By nightfall he was tentatively eating his food, drinking water and becoming playful again. I was thrilled to have my little buddy back. I am starting to feel perkier too, although nobody has gotten my brush out and groomed me.


  1. good to hear your are both on the mend

  2. As long as any interested groomer isn't one of those late night walkers.


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