Thursday, August 30, 2012

Reckless Driving Penalty

I am really just a down to earth person...

Just not on this planet...

Recently I was highly insulted when I applied for a workamping position that I was absolutely perfect for.  Then they refused to consider me until I submitted pictures of me and my motorhome. They told me they weren't making the decision for 10 days. Well, I sent back my pictures. Moments later I received a reply that the position was filled.

I have no idea what the latest and greatest is on discrimination, but it was the first time I was asked to submit pictures. It will probably be my last too.

It's a little scary applying for workamping.  I am nervous about putting all my personal information "out there" until I know exactly who I am dealing with. These so called workampng websites that want me to list my entire resume on their website give me the willies. I foolishly did that a few years ago with a certain company.  I have never heard a thing back from them at all. But lawdy mercy is the junk email really starting to annoy me. Now I can't seem to get my info OFF their website.

It used to be AOL was right on top of junky emails and keeping them out of my in box. Not sure what has happened but it seems I am getting junk emails in 3 different languages now besides English and AOL is having a hard time sorting it all for me.

I am trying to catch up on all my emails and notify AOL of the junky emails. It's maddening!  I am oh so frustrated I am missing something important, because I am sifting through the junk trying to find the real emails.

I am always curious about how other folks drive their RV's. I sure do like the shiny red color of this motorhome. However, the driver is reported to have driven into a  building in Carson, California.  The driver was then shot and killed by a deputy.

Wouldn't a ticket for reckless driving have been sufficient?

I don't see the building he drove into either. Maybe I am blind too? Was he shot before he wrecked his RV?  We all  know how hard it is to drive when you're dead.

This is the only info I can find on this story so far:

Well, this has sobered me up! Not that I was drunk... guess that came out wrong. I like to think I drive very carefully but never thought about getting shot and killed for reckless driving in America.


  1. Yeah, my boss once told me he'd love to pay me what I'm worth but......there are minimum wage laws.

  2. Think I will stay out of Carson, CA.

  3. outstanding work. see you,


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