Monday, August 13, 2012

You Be The Judge

I really screwed up the post yesterday. If you get my subscription automatically, then you got a mess in the mail.

Me bad.

The internet was flaking out on me. I had corrected everything so it was actually somewhat coherent. But the internet hiccup sent the rough rough draft out instead of the new and improved. I honestly do try to run a spell heckler by before I hit publish.

Rut roh.

This morning when I went to check it, to see if all was well...  I saw the glaring errors.

I have fixed all (most?) of them by now. I am surely red-faced and Harley is dog-faced.

Feel free to send me an email or poke me in the comment section if I have made errors. I do actually go back and fix them, usually quite quickly, if the old laptop and flaky internet are willing.


I was turned down on a workamping gig today. They required a picture of me and my rig along with the resume and usual stuff. I felt odd. I have never had to submit pics before.  I didn't think you could discriminate against slaves.

It made me feel uneasy to submit pics and now I wish I never had.

Oh well. Live and learn.


I wonder if they even read my application, letter of introduction or resume.

Perhaps they just judged me solely on my pictures.

Dear Miss Mermaid Child of the Planet


  1. I have heard of jobs requiring a picture along with your resume. Wonder if it is age discrimination or what. This wasn't a job with the US Parks or other recreational systems, was it?

  2. You've really did do some home improvement there!! :)))) I can see the areas Monkey worked on!

    Troutman (I Hope)

  3. I received a phone call from a private park that saw my resume on Workamper, so they had to see the picture of my RV. They were desperately looking for an accountant but said I would also have to set up parties and serve people, I told them I only did accounting. This was not a paying job-just an exchange for the site. She got mad and told me my RV is not big enough for their park.


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