Saturday, February 02, 2013

Cold Winter Is Back

For those of you that were feeling sorry for me running around barefoot and in shorts, well you can rest assured that winter arrived again last night.

It was so cold I had one large and two small ceramic heaters running plus my mattress warmer and it was still c-c-c-cold. I even slept in socks and I hate wearing socks at night.

I've finally made a nice friend in the campground.  She's married, from Puerto Rico, covered in an exotic tattoo and has a cute little girl doggy that Harley is in love with. Her husband is often gone working on a special job in the area.

She asked me why the people seem so cold here.  I burst out laughing and told her I felt that weird aloofness too. Maybe it's a culture thing we just don't get.

Maybe our little old used rigs don't stack up to their new mega rigs, but we're probably having a lot more fun. We can both boast, that while our rigs are not new and fancy, they are debt free and well cared for.

I have one more month at this campground. I like it here, just unsure why the long term campers aren't so friendly. Very strange. If all goes well, they are going to see me again next winter, so get used to it!

Friends emailed me and they are arriving next week to visit in their camper. That will be fun fun fun!

I've chatted up some of the dog walkers.  It seems the first thing out of their mouth is their dog isn't social as they tug and yank their pooch away. I always ask if they have been to the dog park and so far most everyone says no. What a shame to stay here just a mile from the dog park and not go use it. It's actually in the same park, just a mile away as the road wanders.  It's the dog park that makes me keenly interested in this place to start with. That and it's the only time I get to live in a town without sacrificing natural beauty. This year I have two whole months here. Next winter, maybe longer.

Some dogs aren't even walked at all here. The owners just put them out in the grass by their front door to do their thing, then take them back inside. Dogs need to walk and run, even the little guys like my monkey. He can get crabby and appear anti-social if he doesn't get enough walking, sniffing and playing.  He wears me out!

But of all the numerous things I've tried in the past three years to defy the odds, to improve my health despite gloom and doom, I owe my puppy dog big time. Because of him, I am forced into walking several times a day.  For some weird reason only my crazy brain knows, I wouldn't get out and walk all alone. Finding like minded people to walk with, can be problematic. Having my little doggy to walk with me is comforting.

One of the fun naughty aspects of dog walking, is you're able to be nosy without appearing so. For instance, a fire truck and ambulance raced into the campground. I immediately took my pooch for a walk to casually inspect the emergency.

If there is something I want to stare at, I just stop to look. The dog will immediately sniff the area, perhaps watering something, so it appears I am merely waiting on the puppy, not staring rudely at whatever holds my interest.

Harley goes bonkers when he sees me gather up the daily garbage. That's his signal that our first walk of the day is about to begin.  A trip to the dumpster.

This park is part campground and part day use for the general public so the weekends are a sight to behold as people pour in to play sports, ride bicycles and race little remote control sailboats on the lake.

Harley is goofy as ever, trying to make friends with everybody. He is smitten with his new girlfriend. He runs loops around me on his flexi-leash engaging her in play and showing off his tiny canine muscles. What a hoot.

Life is good!


  1. ;Your Rv park with the dog park, wild areas and monthly stays sounds wonderful.

    Could you please give out the name of the park or at least send me and e mail with the name?

    Thanks, Andrea

  2. I don't understand some people. Their dogs are taught to have the same behavior. Snobs for sure. I wonder if they are the same way in their sticks and bricks house. What kind of life is that?

    glad you found a friend with a happy friend for Harely too.

  3. We have noticed that campgrounds with a lot of long term campers tend to be like modern sticks and bricks neighborhoods. They tend to keep to themselves and have no interest in getting to know short term visitors.

  4. I am in Wickham Park in Melbourne Florida.


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