Sunday, February 10, 2013

Dumpster Diving

Wow!  I've had some really good luck dumpster diving lately. Sure it's messy but sometimes the rewards are grand.

When times get tough, the tough get dirty...

Shown below are two 9x12 patio mats and a 6x9 mat. The green one I bought half priced three years ago.  The brown one was thrown away by some snowbirds who bought a new one. I rescued their mat from the dumpster.

The small brown mat in back I also found at the dumpster last fall. However, when I break camp to travel again, I will get rid of the small one and keep the two big ones. They are self draining and very lightweight.

The high winds broke my umbrella one night. It's supposed to tilt when you want to block the sun, but mine force-tilted and the hardware blew out.

Always something to repair.

The oak trees rain acorns and leaves all over the place.  There is no grass under the mats, but there is grass behind me. Harley loves to play outside, because he can reach the mats or the grass on his tether.

I am going to clean up my act and make dinner in the crockpot. I am feeding friends al fresco today after their long day of travel. They will be camping nearby in their cozy cabana on wheels.

Most of my chairs are dumpster rescues except the big red one. My neck was killing me last year when it went on sale for half priced, so UPS delivered the chair one day.  Oh my gosh, it reclines too and supports the head and neck. I've napped in it a few times, it's pretty comfy.

Life is good.

dumpster diving by dear miss mermaid in florida at wickham park in melbourne


  1. Those mats give you a complete outdoor room. Really nice.

  2. We lived in an university town... the dumpster diving was good at the end of each semester but excellent at the end of the school year. You did really good!

  3. I want one of those anti gravity chairs, but I have no where to carry one. I too got 3 mats last year. A friend of mine threw her's away because she didn't want to carry them back after a dog show! So I snagged them! She throws all kind of stuff away that's useful to others. My mats get ruined due to the sun.

    PS, I had to hit word verification 3 times before I could get one that was legiable.

  4. Mine is not an anti-gravity chair, it is just a high backed recliner. It stores in a much smaller space than the anti-gravity chairs.


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