Saturday, February 09, 2013

Murder Minded

Yesterday I forced myself out of the park, into the motorhome and out shopping. I needed to buy poison.

Yes it's true.

I planned to seriously debilitate unwanted company.  Might as well get rid of them for good. It's bad enough they torture me, but why should I let them live one more day to torment anyone else?

I need my happiness. Life is short and they are making me very unhappy.  If they don't want to leave on their own with no hard feelings, then by golly I can make them leave, even if I have to kill them.

So off shopping I went. Took the entire RV with me and my unwanted guest.

It took four stores before I found the desired toxins.  Even then, I bought the very last box of the stuff.

See?  I am not alone.

There are others like me who wish to commit murder.

Now I am back home trying to entice my guest to eat the fatal food.

If all goes well, within a day or so, I will be wrapping their dead body in garbage bags for a late night unceremonious disposal at the local dumpster.

Then I will be able to sleep in peace.

My company will be gone. Once and for all.

Here little mousy mousy...

Dinner's ready!

How dare that mouse take up residence in my beloved wheel estate. Clearly uninvited and unwanted, I have no choice but to resort to drastic measures.

There just wasn't time to go adopt a cat, which would have been my first choice. I tried to sic Harley on the rodent, but he couldn't bark it to death and he wasn't going to bite it either. Sheesh.

I saw the little nasty bugger twice. Inside my home.  MY HOME.  I  chased him/her from one end to the other.

Where  it hid, I have no idea.  But there is a fresh bowl of poison just waiting...


  1. If you bought D-Con you might want to go find some more somewhere because the EPA is in the process of banning it.The company that makes it failed to institute government saftey precautions and it's going to be banned.

  2. Dear Miss Mermaid, the small regular mouse traps work better and are a lot quicker to rid you of your guest. You would have to place it where Harley couldn't get to it. Bait it with pea nut butter. You could tie a small piece of bacon or fresh pork skin to the trigger too.
    The traps are very inexpensive. Buy them at a hardware store.

    Good Luck, Jerry

  3. humane trap would be my first choice, if they drink the poison and run off to hide you'll have yourself a dead rotting mousy you'll have to find... and he ain't gonna smell pretty!

  4. I keep bait packs in the RV all the time, since I had a serious mouse problem a few years ago. Since I started with the bait-no mice:)

  5. I would be THRILLED to find a dead smelly mouse!

    A humane trap? So I can buy him a cage and wheel and keep him? No way!

    I don't normally kill stuff, but it should have chose a different home.

    Actually I bought poison, four old fashioned traps and one newfangled one. THIS IS WAR!

  6. Why be humane to rats and mice? They carry all kinds of nastiness and diseases.


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