Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Problem Solved!

Today some friends took me out to lunch.

On the way home, we went by the doggy park so all of our  canine critters could run wild for awhile. There are always interesting people at the dog park, most are friendly and chatty.

I was tired of sitting down from eating and driving, so I was standing around, holding an empty dog poop bag and watching Harley race around playing. If he  did his business, then I was armed and ready to clean up after him.  

The conversation of the humans seated  nearby on chairs and benches turned to leftover dog poop that other dog owners had thoughtlessly left behind. Five minutes later the conversation continued to roll on this theme.  One of the dogs went over to sniff some of the old dried up poop when her owner snatched her up complaining loudly about the "nightmare'. She now held her dog in her lap.  

More people arrived and  joined the conversation about the dog poop dilemma.  In my own silent thinking, I can see where some owners are not watching their dogs intently (maybe because they are yacking away about anonymous dried up dog poop piles?) and it's possible a willing owner unintentionally missed their dog's deed.  So there it sat.  Anonymously.

Many of those that voiced opinions did not agree with these thoughts I kept trapped inside. Still I listened in on the conversation, silently eavesdropping, hoping it would take an interesting turn for the better.

Ten minutes go by and the same matter of poop is continuing with dog owners earnestly  griping about the anonymous dried up dog doodle scattered here and there.  As people pointed it out, I took notice. 

Just for your idle information... the park offers up free dog poop bags. (Most days.) They also offer up a free garbage can too, that is never full. 

More minutes tick by as I watch Harley race around, thoroughly smitten with his temporary freedom from strings and tethers, leashes and halters. I toss a tennis ball, he eagerly fetches it. Fifteen minutes later the dog poop problem is still being heavily debated by the dog owners. 

I thought to myself, I've heard enough of this shit!  

Doesn't anyone have anything cheerful to say?  

But I  remained silent.  

Finally a dim little light came on in my feeble brain.

I wordlessly walked over to the free baggies, grabbed a few, then walked around the dog park picking up the anonymous dried up old poop with the baggies. When I was done,  I threw it all away in the garbage can provided. 

The dog owners were suddenly quiet.  From animated chatter to stunned silence. They stared at me with jaws dropped as if I was a creature from outer space who had just landed in a spaceship. 

It reminded me of why I don't much care for committee meetings.  

Nine people had spent twenty minutes discussing what to do about the anonymous dog poop problem. I had not volunteered a thing nor verbally  added to  the conversation. 

But in under 60 seconds,   I had the problem solved.  

It felt great. 

Life is good!  


And now for today's funny...


  1. HHaha! Try going out to dinner with a bunch of dog show people...the convo always turns to shit!

  2. yup... they're probably retired congress people....


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