Friday, February 15, 2013

RV Considerations

I like these efficient RV's. We need to bring these back in style. The rear door that opens up completely could make housekeeping a snap.
Now here's a custom decorated RV for you.  That's the fun part about buying used and old, you have every excuse to do a full makeover to your taste.
Speaking of taste, this is rather unique. It resembles more a play house than an RV.
Who says your cabana cottage on wheels can't have some very personal artsy charm. You have to admit, it's a great theft determent.
This is a smart way to handle three doors, space them out all over the RV. I think the basic stripes look nice.
These RV's will get you out into the wild blue yonder, then pop-up for convenience.
This is just awesomely cute. Very fuel efficient.
I like the idea of matching the car and trailer together.
Typically that's a kitchen in back. Cooking outside is loads of fun.
A closer version of the all terrain popup camper.
Let's bring the back porch, an idea I would like to see more of.


  1. I've always thought I'd like a little teardrop camper, but of course you have no bathroom. Also, I drive across country and back every year, which is tackling a few mountain ranges, and I'm not sure about pulling a little teardrop on such trips.

  2. Also gave some thought to those tear drop but like Gypsy said no bathroom. Don't think mountains would be a problem they are so light.
    But love some of those older RVs.

  3. I love the teardrop and seriously considered buying one, however you need to set up a shelter if it is raining otherwise you go straight in from the rain onto your bed. Then, once inside, you have to lay on your bed to change clothes.

    Still looking for the perfect RV so I can live like Miss Mermaid!!!


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