Friday, February 22, 2013



I had a friend staying with me awhile back. I was napping.  Later my friend said "Oh I grabbed your camera to photograph something odd."

And here it is!

UFO on space coast florida

Below is the same picture, cropped.

When I downloaded the picture, I said "You only took one? This is absolutely amazing!"

So when he said "I didn't want to waste your film..."  I had to just roll my eyes.  My camera is digital.  I think it holds several thousand pictures... but no use explaining that.

My friend is seriously techno-challenged. I mean he still has a corded rotary dial phone on the wall  in his kitchen.  Believe me his phone company has begged him to upgrade. I remember he was incensed when the computer broke in his car and needed repair. He yelled at the mechanic to rip the dang thing out...  of course ultimately he had to pay to have the computer fixed, but he was aghast that his car required a computer when he himself has tried to avoid all forms of technology.

Of course, I should talk... I am using old technology...  my laptop is a refurbished used one, circa 2003 with an XP upgrade.

But I digress...  Isn't this picture amazing?

What the heck is it?

Earth's Biggest Selection!


  1. Rebel clouds!! I love cloud formations. I've always got my head in the clouds ;-)

  2. Cool! It sort of looks like an iron in the sky.

  3. I've seen that a couple of times.They're awesome.Thinking they're called ''hole punch clouds''.

  4. I love the clouds,but did you look at the tree on the right at the very top do you think it's looks like a horse?

  5. I think it is the trail of a meteor that skipped through the upper atmosphere. It was comming in and got deflected as it encountered our atmosphere causing this marking in the stratosphere.
    Any better ideas?


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